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!!All course details, gpx files, que sheet, etc are LIVE for the 2015 Mammoth Gravel Classic!!!

After countless hours spent riding, driving the Jeep, peering over maps, and generations of que sheets - ALL of the 2015 course details are posted!
It's been a roller coaster of a Spring - 70 degrees - snow - 60 degrees - hard frost - etc...  Now with what we believe will be our final dusting melting at long last - we are moving full speed ahead toward the 2015 Mammoth Gravel Classic!  

After countless hours exploring EPIC course options no the bike, in my Jeep, peering over maps, and many generations of que sheets - all of the 2015 Mammoth Gravel Classic course details are posted.  

There are many ways to view / use the course information for each of the courses including various online mapping sites (,,, gpx files, and good old fashioned que sheets.  To view and download any of this information, go to the COURSES PAGE , and click on your course distance of choice at our great event website -  A special thanks to Ben Mullin of Team Cyclova for his help with mapping and the creation of the plethora of files to use for navigation of this year's courses!

Do plan on getting your GRAVEL STOKE ON the evening before the event at the "Gravel Edition" of our Adventure & Tech Social Series - you're invited Friday, 17 April @ 6PM sharp.  Joshua Stamper, one of the gentlemen of gravel and Gravel Conspiracy Founder will present the details of the 2015 Gravel Conspiracy Event - followed by Frank Lundeen of Cyclova XC talking about gravel riding gear, and sharing a few tips & tricks.  After the presentation, join us for dinner and find a hotel or campground to enjoy for the weekend!

Mammoth Gravel Classic course recon!  GET STOKED!

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