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!!All Systems Go For Mammoth Gravel Classic - Courses In FANTASTIC Shape!!!

Get stoked!  The new 100 mile course will blow your socks off.  Above is a scene that you'll enjoy throughout the Crex Meadows area of the course!
Happy Mammoth Gravel Classic Eve!  The sky is blue, the temps are warm, and there are no blizzards in the forecast (the previous 2 years we had 12"+ of snow in the 2 days leading up the the event)!  The forecast for tomorrow looks great - highs in the mid 60's, mostly cloudy skies, and rain not forecasted to come until after riders will be finished.  For the full scoop on the Mammoth Gravel Classic, go to

Johnson Road, at roughly mile 25 of the 70 & 100 mile course is in "great" shape.  Bone-Appetitte! 
The courses have never been in better shape, and everyone is certain to have one of their best ever days on a bicycle.  In my final course re-con mission, I found the sandy sections of the 100 mile & 70 mile courses to be firmer than usual - due to the rain we've had this week - but we still do recommend 40mm tires or wider.  

The sandy sections of the course are relatively firm due to the rain we had recently.  We still do STRONGLY recommend riding a 40mm tire - unless you want to spend some time walking your bike...
Remember - this is an unsupported gravel adventure ride.  This means that you are responsible for you:
  • You must be equipped to navigate yourself.  We have provided you tools to do so for each of the ride courses on the Course page of the event website.
  • You are responsible to take care of hydration and nutrition for yourself (noting that there are numerous opportunities to stop for food/drink along the courses at local businesses - we have highlighted several on the course info pages).
  • You are responsible to take care of any issues you might have on the course - mechanical issues (flat tires or any other mechanical issue).  This means that you need to have a tool kit with - and should know how to use it. 
On my last course recon mission, I saw over 50 Swans, hundreds of geese, dozens of deer, a flock of over 20 Sandhill Cranes, and even a Wolf!

I expect riders of the 100 mile course will say it's one of the sweetest gravel courses they've ever ridden - due to the incredible wilderness and amazing range of nature preserves it passes through.  This amazing course spends 9 miles going along the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, passes through the beautiful/rugged Sand Barrens, goes right through the heart of the Fish Lake Wildlife Preserve, threads the needle through most of the highlights of Crex Meadows, passes along the north edge of Amsterdam Slough, and spends some good quality time on the Gandy Dancer State Bicycle Trail.  EPIC!

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