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Final Stonegrind Batch Of The Season At Cyclova XC - Bring In Your Skis!

Get your skis in for the final stonegrind batch of the year - they'll have a cozy blanket of cover wax on and be ready for Summer storage!
While it hasn't been as snowy of a Spring as it was last year (knock on a wooden ski), ski season has definitely came to an end for us Northern Hemisphere folks.  With that said, it's definitely time to get some storage / cover wax on your skis - if you haven't already done so.

Now is also the perfect time to have your skis stoneground - so that they're in great shape and ready to go for next ski season.  Of course, all stonegrinds done by Cyclova XC come with a nice thick layer of cover wax - so that they're ready for storage - in this case, a "cozy Summer slumber".  For the full scoop on Stonegrinding, Hotboxing, and our entire menu of ski services, check out our SKI SERVICE PAGE.  

We will be doing our final batch of grinding on Thursday, April 30 - so we need your skis here by closing on Wednesday, April 29 to be included in this batch.  

Feel free to contact the ski tech gurus at Cyclova XC with any questions!  Happy Summer!

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