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Women's Bike Maintenance & Safety Night- Thurs. May 21 @ 6 PM

"Like Minded, Bike Minded." Cyclova XC Women's Ride at Big Rock Creek Retreat 2014. Photo Credit: Starr T.

Join us for a fun night with local women that love to ride bike! Female cyclists of all levels of experience and enthusiasm welcome!

Thursday, May 21st, 2015 @ 6 PM at Cyclova XC:

Flat tires & broken chains happen. But have no fear, with a few basic tools and simple repair steps, you can head out on a ride with confidence! 

Frank Lundeen, co-founder of Cyclova XC, will demonstrate The ABC's of Bicycle Maintenance (Air, Brakes, Chain).  Frank's easy-to-master approach will equip you with the skills to become self-sufficient on your ride. Learn how to fix a flat tire or a broken chain, care for your components, and perform a safety check before riding. 

Wendi Lindenmuth, founder of Locally Geared and Ambassador for Wisconsin Bike Federation, will be present to share safety and general bicycling information for riders. 

There will be plenty of time for fun socializing and Q & A! And as always, this is a FREE event- open to all women, so bring a friend!

Don't let a breakdown stop you. Empower yourself with the skills to repair it! Photo Credit: Ben Mullin

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