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The Gandy Needs Your Letters One More Time!

UPDATE: Apparently the committee has decided not to discuss the Gandy issue on the morning of the 6th, so there is no need to go to this meeting. However, letters are still appreciated.

Hey Everyone!
I know you're all exhausted from hearing about the threats to increase ATV use on the Gandy (I know I am), but we have one last meeting to be worried about. A committee will be meeting on May 6th at 9AM at the Polk County Board Room, and it would be a huge help if you could all send letters encouraging them NOT to allow special permits for motorized use on the trail.

If you can make it to the meeting, wonderful! Otherwise, a letter mailed to these three addresses will be huge (just copy and paste the whole list into the "to" field):,,

If you'd like more information on this issue, please read this and this article on Singletracks.

We'll keep you posted as to the result, thanks everyone!

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