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2015 Sasquatch #3 Results and Mullin's Race Report

On a muggier than expected late June morning (this morning as a matter of fact) the third edition of the 2015 Sasquatch Dash series went down.  The course was nearly identical to one last year, with just a little extra climbing thrown in for fun.  Up through WI Interestate on the Horizon Rock and Skyline trails, and then a detour on the return trip to hit up the Hospital Esker Segment of the Ice Age Trail.

Turnout was lighter than recent events with only 9 people showing up.  I'm not sure if this was a post Grandma's thing, poor advertising (I didn't get the Facebook event made or the course posted much in advance), or just one of those weekends.

The course, while being relatively simple, wasn't without it's possibilities for getting off course as was accomplished by 3 people.  Unfortunately that included myself.  You'd think the guy who put the course together would be able to follow it.  Using race directors discretion I've altered the three times in question by scaling them according to the distance cut.  My time ended up being just a few seconds in front of Sean.  This seemed particularly unfair, so I bumped my time a few seconds slower yet to give him the win.  I'm not sure I could have won a heads up race.

Without further ado, the full results with He and She Squatch interleaved:

And while we are putting up results, here is what I captured from the City of Trails.  If you see any mistakes be sure to let me ( or Ben J ( know and we'll get the results fixed up.

Lastly, here are the standings through three races and the pre-order/shirt bonus.

Mullin's Race Report

I haven't been running much.  I spent most of the last week at scout camp with my son.  I ran once and felt miserable.  I biked several times and really enjoyed the Wisconsin smorgasbord of pavement, gravel, and ATV trails.  I'm feeling great on a bike, but not so much on two feet recently.  I'm also signed up to race Cuyuna tomorrow, so I've got a big weekend on tap.

I started with Alex and Greg.  I was even in the lead down the ladder tank.  Up the road under Hwy 8, Alex passed me and just walked away.  Greg hung just over my shoulder up Horizon Rock.  When we hit Skyline he passed me and I gave momentary chase, but he pulled away.  Unfortunately Greg and I took the ski trail instead of the Horizon trail.

When Greg was the first one coming the other way at the turn around I knew we had gotten ahead of Alex.  He wasn't too far behind though and he caught me before I made it back to the top of the hill.  I figured he would catch Greg too, but in the end Greg held out.  My time adjustments made up for that though.  Great racing between those two though.  Alex better watch over his shoulder.

My race sort of imploded at that point.  My legs were tired, I wanted to do well Sunday too, and my head just wasn't in it.  I'm usually pretty good about not losing a race mentally, but I definitely did today.  By the time I hit the Hospital Esker I was out of it.  I opted to hike the big hill instead of running it.

I'm a little disappointed in myself for not giving my full effort today.  However, I hope to redeem myself tomorrow at Cuyuna.

What's Next

I think I already mentioned, Cuyuna tomorrow.  I'm going to do the St. Croix Fat Cat triathlon in a few weeks.  The next Sasquatch Dash comes up July 25th.  Mark it down now.

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