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2015 Sasquatch Dash #1 Results and Report

Saturday morning we kicked off our third season of Sasquatch Dashing.  I was a littler nervous that the pictures I posted to Facebook the night before of the very soggy course were going to scare people off, but I was happy to see the shop crowded already at 8:30 when I arrived.

We took care of business getting shirts to those who ordered them or wanted to pick one up, signed waivers, announced the course, and headed over to the Overlook to start the race.
We take a before group picture to make sure we know how many people to account for at the finish.

The weather was nearly perfect at about 50 degrees with sunny skies and a slight wind out of the north.  I'm happy to report that the trail dried up considerably over night.  There were still slick spots and a few puddles, but no snorkels or swim fins were needed.

The race went well, no one got lost that I know of, everyone stayed to cheer everyone to the finish, and there was lots of fun discussion afterwards.  I'll call that another success.

Ben made sure to emphasize the race to the clipboard in the pre-race briefing.  Too bad he forgot and got outsprinted to the clipboard himself.
Remember that the next edition we are piggy backing off of the City of Trails.  The spirit of the Sasquatch dash is to have free race opportunities on the awesome trails in the St. Croix Valley.  While the City of Trails isn't quite free, it is only $20 if you register before 6/7, boasts quite likely the best course around (I would have run this one for one of the races anyhow, but I would have made you run up the hill too!), and supports an awesome community.  So sign up and everyone who completes the 10k gets 10 points, and 5 points for anyone who runs the 5k.  City of Trails 5k and Rock N' River 10k


Without further ado, here are the results.

In the HeSquatch race, two time defending champion Alex took the win HeSquatch and overall win.

Note: I have not reconciled the shirt pre-orders and post-orders to get the bonus points included yet.

On the SheSquatch side of the score sheet, defending champion Tammi Braund ran away from the field and gave Alex a run for the overall win.

Continuing the precedent set last year, if you show up but DNF you still get points.  I'd rather have people come and be social and give it a try than not show up.

Mullin's Race Report

Jeff Wolf told me he was waiting for my report.  I wouldn't want to disappoint Jeff by leaving out my own personal report.

I've been doing lots of stuff this spring, just nothing very specific.  My running has been hit or miss.  Some weeks around 30 miles, some not cracking 10.  I'm feeling reasonably fit, just not killing it in any particular sport fit.  So toeing the line next to Alex and Tammi I was not expecting to hang with them.

Encouraging Ingrid for "More Cowbell"
We started off and the three of us ran Hamilton together into the wind.  Nearing the end I tucked in behind Tammi to conserve a little energy.  I heard someone else behind me as well.  Crossing into Wert I saw that it was Keith Velaski tailing me.

Beginning the slog up Wert, Alex and Tammi pulled steadily away from me.  I was hoping I was doing the same to Keith.  By the time we hit the turn around at the north gate Alex and Tammi had maybe 15-20 seconds on me.  I had maybe 5 on Keith.

I tried to open it up a little on the run back to the pond and then a little surge up the hill towards the east.  By the turn around on the east end Alex and Tammi had put another 5 to 10 seconds on me.  I hadn't heard Keith in a little bit so I thought maybe I had dropped him.  Nope, he was probably within 10 seconds.

I tried again to open it up on the descent.  I managed to find a very soggy spot and sunk up to my ankle at one point.  At the south gate I was probably another 5 to 10 seconds down to Alex and Tammi.  I thought again I might have lost Keith.  I did open the gap a little bit here, but it was still in the 15 second range.

On the descent back to the Wert entrance I had to reign it back in a little bit.  I wanted to let it loose, but the ground was a little too soft.  I had one foot strike that slipped and I nearly landed flat on my back.  That wasn't going to help at all.

"Opening it up"
At the entrance to Wert Frank and Ingrid said I was about 40 seconds down.  Sight lines are quite a bit longer here and I could see the gap.  I wasn't going to close that down.  I wasn't going to look back for Keith either.  I tried to keep my form controlled (I think I'm finally beginning to believe in form and efficiency in running to a degree).  In the end I was able to hold a 6:30 mile for the length of Hamilton and I'm pretty happy with that.

At the finish Alex had put a minute and a half into me and Tammi just over a minute.  My persistence finally paid off and I was able to get Keith by just under 30 seconds.

You can watch the race unfold for any of us who had Strava here:  Strava FlyBys

Mullin's What's Next

I'm the bike leg for Team Orange Crush (me - bike, Tammi - run, Adam L - kayak) at the Stower Seven Lakes Triathlon next weekend.  Right now we are the hands on favorite in the 3 person relay.  We are the ONLY 3 person relay right now.  Find two friends and sign up!

Then I've got the crazy hair to race the MN MTB series race at Hillside Park in Elk River on Sunday.  Don't ask me why.  It is pretty technical (by my standards) there and I am a crap bike handler.

Then City of Trails 10k in two weeks as the second installment of the Sasquatch.

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