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2015 Sasquatch Dash Pursuit

Saturday 8/22/2015 9:00 a.m.

Coming up this Saturday morning we have the fifth installment of the 2015 Sasquatch Dash series.  This will be the second annual running of the pursuit start event.  In theory, this format puts everyone in contention for the win.

Pursuit Start, Say What?

Pursuit start, "what is that?" you say.  Well basically, if you have run any of the four previous Dashes this  year, including either the 5k or 10k at the City of Trails, I have plugged the times into a spreadsheet, done a bunch of cross correlation and have predicted everyone's best time on the course we ran for the first dash of 2015.  Based on this mystical spreadsheet, we will start people in reverse order of their predicted finish time and with appropriate time gaps such that if it is all perfect everyone finishes at the same time.

Confused?  Don't worry, you just check in, and then before we start I'll tell everyone when they should start the run.  The first person to the finish line wins.  Pretty simple for the participants and a heck of a lot of fun.  Instead of watching people run away from you, you get to chase people down.

Interested in knowing more, shall we work through an example?  Say Bob, Steve, and Fred have predicted finish times of 38, 40, and 41 minutes respectively.  In this case, Fred starts first when we start the clock.  Then, when one minute has elapsed Steve starts.  Then two minutes later, three minutes on the clock, Bob starts.  Whoever gets to the finish first wins.  If the predictions were perfect, they all get there at the same time.

But this is the real world so that doesn't happen.  Fred has been killing it in training for the last two months while Bob has been eating ice cream for every meal.  So even though Fred had a predicted time of 41 minutes, he actually ran it in 40:30, where as Bob ran it in 44 (2 seconds per mile per pound and Bob has packed the pounds on).  Steve was steady Eddy and ran it in 40 minutes as predicted.  So what actually happened is that 40:30 Fred finished and won, 30 seconds later Steve finished, and then Bob rolls in 6 minutes after Steve and swears off ice cream until after the Birkie.

My First Sasquatch Dash??

But, I haven't run a Sasquatch Dash yet this year, can I still participate?  Of course, but it gets a little more challenging since I can't predict your time.  In this case you get to self seed.  Here is the catch though, you're finish place will be capped at the number of people that start with or behind you.  So if you want to shoot for the overall win, you start with the last starter.  If you start and 10 people start after you, even if you get to the line first, the best you can finish is 10th.  So you will have to think carefully about where you self seed.

The Course

In order for this to work right, we have to have predicted finish times.  This requires re-running a course we have already run.  In this case we are going back to the first course of the year.  From the overlook, up to Lion's park, over to Wert, up to the pond, turn left up to the gate, back to the pond, turn left, up to the field, back to the pond, turn left up to the other gate, back to the pond, turn left back down to Lion's park, back to the overlook.

5.25 miles approximately


As usual, we will meet at the shop at 8:30.  I haven't yet confirmed we can get in.  Rumor is that Jonjak is back in the country so maybe we can enlist him and let Kristen sleep in.  This time you need to check in with me so I can determine the start order.

Shortly before 9:00 we will roll over to the overlook and we will get things started in the stated order.  Expect to be done roughly around 10:00.

If you are wondering how the start order might look, check the predicted times below.

I look forward to seeing everyone.  This should be fun.  Last year we all finished within just a few minutes of each other.

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