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6 Gu Crew Volunteers Needed: Entry Spot for Fat Tire Guaranteed

Hey Guys, 
Wayne Smestad called me up looking for 6 volunteers for what sounds like a pretty fun job. He is recruiting for the "Gu Crew" which is the group of riders that follows after the Fat Tire festival and picks up Gu packets, etc.

Riders will follow the racers on September 19th at 10AM. Gu Crew volunteers will receive a T-Shirt as well as a swag bag with some other items. The best thing is that all Gu Crew members will have a guaranteed spot for the 2016 event. This is a spot they can either use themselves, or transfer to another person. It's a cool deal...and if you have a Fat Tire entry, it might make you the most popular person in the area about this time next year :) .

If you're interested in joining up, write me ( and I'll pass on your information to Wayne. Let's get some volunteers!

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