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Trek World 2016- Madison

Choose Your Weapon. Madone=Aero. Emonda=Light. Domane=Smooth.
I recently returned from the 2016 Trek World trade show in Madison, Wisconsin where Trek unveiled it's new 2016 line up! I had the opportunity to see each new bike model, as well as apparel and accessories, and speak with the engineers behind each design. I attended seminars with Trek employees and retailers from around the globe to learn about new products, technologies, and features. So here's what is HOT!

Trails and Mountains:

The all-new 2016 Trek Procaliber. IsoSpeed meets MTB. Get more comfort and control without sacrificing stiffness and speed.
IsoSpeed decouplers have arrived on the mountain bike scene. With Procaliber's IsoSpeed, you get all the efficiency of a hardtail mountain bike, without the punishing speed-stealing harshness, so you can ride harder through rugged terrain and still finish strong. The IsoSpeed decoupler allows the seat tube to flex to smooth out harsh trail input without affecting lateral stiffness and pedaling efficiency.

IsoSpeed Decoupler. Game Changer.
The IsoSpeed decoupler is essentially a pivot or flex point in the seat tube to allow it to move independently of the top tube. A sealed bearing keeps the two in contact but allows slight movement in the seat tube to reduce or dampen vibrations and bumps on the ride surface.

Clean Freak Cable Management System. Clean, quiet and simple.
"Control Freak" is a smart, exceptionally flexible system of cable management that allows for any combination of drivetrains, brakes, lockouts and dropper seatposts. It's simple to use, secures your cable housing for a quieter ride, and provides clean internal cable routing for drivetrains, brakes, lockout remotes, and dropper seatposts.

Trek's proprietary Boost 110/148 has changed the ratio between wheel size and stiffness. By moving the hub flanges out to increase bracing and stiffness, you can run wider tires while maintaining the Q-factor for a stronger, less flexy wheel. 29er wheels are 26 percent stiffer than last year and are now as stiff as 26" wheels.

Get fully Boosted for stiffer, stronger wheels. Trek's "Smart Wheel Size" will pair you with the biggest wheel that is safe for you. A bigger wheel is faster and maintains momentum better, the longer wheelbase will promote stability, increase traction, and ease rollover.

 The Trek Skye Women's: Trail-ready, Smart Wheel Size, same frame features as the Marlin. A comfortable fit for casual riding, yet built to handle legit trail riding from the beginner to the recreational rider.

Fat is where it's at:

The 2016 Trek Farley fat bikes come in alloy and carbon, with lightweight, race options. The 2016 Farley is even fatter and accepts a 5" tire while still maintaining the same Q-factor of the 4" tires. Farley comes tubeless ready (TLR) and can accommodate two wheel options: a 26x5" or a 27.5x4".

2016 Farley 7

 I didn't tell your kids this, but... Trek has a Kid's Fat Bike.
All for fat and fat for all! The all-new Farley Kids 24" fat bike.

On the road:

The Isospeed decoupler is all the buzz. The Domane had it first, now the new Madone features an IsoSpeed decoupler. Sustained comfort in the saddle means longer, harder rides.The 2016 Trek Madone offers the fastest, most advanced aerodynamics in OCLV Carbon. The KVF (Kamtail Virtual Foil) tube shape cuts more drag under greater yaw, and saves you up to 225 watts of energy- a 200 watt improvement over last year's model. Madone's internally-routed cables in an aeor bar stem combo means 40 grams less drag and is the fastest on the market.

The 2016 Trek Madone. Uncompromised ride quality.
The Madone is a FAST bike! It rides great (I got to test ride it at the Trek Factory Tour in Waterloo.) The IsoSpeed really helps dampen road vibrations. It also offers great performance enhancing integration like compatibility with the Duotrap Sensor that fits in the chainstay to preserve aerodynamics while wireless transmitting speed and cadence signals to your smart phone or computer.

2016 Trek Silque Women's comes in carbon with internally routed cables. It features an Isospeed decoupler, and is a women specific design for ride-tuned frame perfection. Silque is Duotrap compatible, with performance integration. Sleek, smooth, and powerful.

This is just a sampling of what is new this year at Trek, come down to visit with one of the knowledgeable associates at Cyclova XC for details on new bikes and accessories. As we transition toward autumn, new apparel, accessories, and 2016 bike models are arriving weekly and the shop is transforming. Stop by to see the new colors, talk about features, or to check out our closeout fat bikes and other select model closeouts.

There's still a lot of riding to be had yet this summer!

Bike Nerds need to watch this video of Trek-sponsored C3 Project rider, Brandon Semenuk. Unbelievable talent- worth the four minutes!

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