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2015 Sasquatch Dash Wrap-up

This past Saturday brought a conclusion to the third Sasquatch Dash series.  On a warm and muggy morning we had 21 folks come out to run a challenging 13.7 mile course followed by food and socialization.

Sadly, we only have a single picture of the entire event (next year we need to delegate the picture taking responsibility to someone else because obviously the Bens can't be given that level of responsibility).  Thus, here you have the Wolf method of flushing the legs after a hard run while simultaneously attempting to put the smack down on one of the cutest little girls around.

A big shout out to Scott at BRC for mowing the course and clearing some of the downed trees.  I'm sure it was a big job, but the course is incredible.  Also thanks to Ben and Micah for marking the course.  We had a 90% navigational success rate this time, which is pretty good for us!

We had a couple firsts/mosts at this event.  There may be others I don't know about, but I know these for sure.  For both Greg and Cory this was their first half marathon.  Greg's previous longest run was on Monday and was 10.3 miles.  Dude would be scary if he ran more.  Major props to both of those guys for making this beast of a run their longest ever.

Also, since the results won't show it, a shout out to Steve for going the extra mile... or two as the case may be.  He gets the award for making the 13.7 mile course a 15+ mile course just because he liked those hills so much.

So without further rambling, let's take a look at how the race shook out.

On the ladies side, we had two finishers, one navigational error, and one participant who planned to run short and executed to plan.

Tammi finished her run of dominance taking the finale by a wide margin.  Katie took a solid second.  Starr was one of our navigationally challenged participants (Ben Jonjak says he tried to turn those arrows into diamonds but saw that by the time the race happened his change still looked like arrows).  Sadly by the time she realized she had made a wrong turn she didn't have time to retrace her steps as she had a second race of the day to work in the afternoon.  Dorinda said before the race she knew she could do a half marathon if she was trained for it, but said she wasn't and planned to run six and that is exactly what she did.

On the men's side, Greg took his longest run ever by storm and ran his way to the top of the podium.  If Facebook is any indication, the walk off of the podium the next day has been interesting for him though.  Kevin was cool as ever ran to the second step of the podium.  Expect to see some more solid results from Kevin in the coming weeks at the Birkie and Gandy.

Another quick editorial note.  Normally we see Alex on the other end of the results.  Wisely he opted to show up late and just walk out on the course and cheer folks on.  I say wisely as he has been dealing with some achilles issues and like all great runners, had he been there when the "gun" went off, he would have felt it necessary to run.

Alright, so how did the overall standing shake out?  Remember, the finale counted for double points so there was a lot on the table here.  Also remember, we only keep the top 4 scores so there is the possibility some of your points get thrown out.  The tables below show the Final Points which is the top 4 scores plus bonus points, Thrown column which shows the highest score thrown out for that person, and lastly the final place.

If you show up to every race but one and win all of those, it probably should be no surprise that you win the overall title.  That is exactly what Tammi did scoring a perfect 110.

Starr turned in a consistent performance and made most of the events and earned herself second place in the final standings.

After that, Katie came in and played spoiler on Dorinda in the finale.  Dorinda is one of our most frequent competitors and her steady persistence ended just two points shy as Katie turned her third event with double points into a squeaker onto the third step of the podium.

On the men's side, we have a new champion to crown.  Greg turned a slow start into a dominating performance by the end of the series.  And despite a combination of illness and injury, I still couldn't quite overtake Alex coming in one point shy.

With that, the 2015 Sasquatch Dash series is a wrap.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how the series went, or what you would like to see next year be sure to share them.

Just because the Sasquatch Dash is over doesn't mean the running season isn't over yet.  The Birkie Trail Marathon (or half, or ultra) is coming up September 26th.  This is a pretty sweet event utilizing the double (triple?) track of the Skate and Classic Birkie courses plus some pretty sweet CAMBA single track.  Definitely worth a look.

Also, if you haven't signed up for the Gandy Marathon yet, you obviously haven't spent any time around Ben Jonjak or Eric Olson!  Seriously, you should check out the second year of the event on October 10th in Luck WI.

If you are looking for my personal race report, bless your heart.  I'll be putting that separately this time.

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