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Beware ATVs on the Gandy Saturday, Sept. 19th

Trail friends, as you know, Sat., Sept. 19 will find the 3rd annual DNR permitted, Veteran's ATV Ride putting non-compliant, motorized vehicles on the Gandy Dancer Trail for this one day event. The focus will be between Centuria, in Polk County, and Danbury, in Burnett.

The ride will depart Centuria, heading north, at 8:00 a.m., meet with more riders in Siren, at 10:00 a.m. and continue to Danbury for lunch at the Casino at 11:30 a.m.

After lunch, they will head back south with some travelling back to Centuria. If it works like last year, the group will stay pretty much together going north, but after lunch it's a free for all heading back south. They were spread out over a two hour period by the time they got down to Frederic, so the Gandy Dancer looks like an ATV trail at that point.

If you are on the trail and encounter them, THE LAW REQUIRES that they yield to non-motorized trail users.

Although it would be nice to have cyclists on the trail, I can't really recommend you ride for safety reasons. If you do happen to be out on the trail and something happens, please do not hesitate to fill out an incident report (click to download the form). Also, special permit holders are responsible for any damage to the trail that is a result of non-compliant vehicle use, so don't hesitate to report trail damage as well (either that day or the Sunday after the ride).

Be safe people! The reality is that it's dangerous for ATVs and cyclists to share the same trail, especially in a politically charged climate like we have on the Gandy. Have a great weekend!

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