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Cyclova Bike Packing For Beginners Outing - YOU'RE INVITED - RSVP'ing Required - LIMITED TO 20 RIDERS!

Bike packing with friends (or by yourself) is probably the most fun you can legally have - join us for a semi-supported bike packing trip from Cyclova XC!
Welcome to the first annual Cyclova XC Bike Packing For Beginners (or bike packing veterans) Outing!  Your invited to this casual, semi-supported outing designed to help get people out experiencing the joys bike packing with like minded people.  Through this outing, we wish to break down the barriers that people may feel exist that have prevented them from bike packing - known by some as bike touring.  You CAN enjoy the incredible experience that awaits you with bike packing - getting your bike set up, selecting the gear to bring, and hauling the gear on your bike has never been easier! 

We will offer minimal support for this outing - including a vehicle which can carry some (not all) of your camping gear.  We will also bring with some food & drink to share.  In riding to and from our fabulous destination, we will keep the group together.  This event is strictly limited to 20 participants - RSVP'ing is required by emailing Frank (email:  frank@cyclovaxc.com).  If you have any questions, comment on this post or email Frank.

WHEN:  Depart from Cyclova XC on Saturday, October 3 at 1PM sharp (arrive early to load up your bike, etc).  Return  to Cyclova XC on Sunday, October 4 by 11AM.  Be certain to stay in town for Woolly Day (Free Salsa bike demo, group rides, bon-fire, and food)!

WHERE:  Start from and return to Cyclova XC in St. Croix Falls, WI.  We will ride 21 miles each way on a mix of paved, gravel and sandy roads to an undisclosed epic location north of St Croix Falls on the river.  We promise it will be one of the coolest destinations you'll have ever seen.  Campsites at this secret destination are FREE!  The destination will be announced prior to ride roll out - along with distribution of que sheets (directions on how to get to the destination).

BIKES:  You'll want to ride a bike with at least 2 inch tires and be able to carry most, if not all of your camping gear.  Think Salsa Fargo, Trek 920, or Fat Bike ideally.  Note that a gravel touring bike will be fine on most of the course, but you may end up walking sandy sections.  Be sure to bring flat tire provisions and be ready to take care of yourself and others out there!  If you don't have a bike capable of carrying your camping gear - come on in (or call) and talk with us - we will figure out a way to help get the first 20 eager bike packers along for the ride!

CAMPING & BIKE PACKING GEAR:  You'll want to bring what ever type of shelter that you might need (tent, hammock, bivy, etc).  You'll also want to bring what ever sort of sleep pad & sleeping bag you need to be comfortable - keeping the weather in mind.  Dress appropriately & bring clothes for your time off of the bike.  You'll also need camping lights for the evening hours as it gets dark up here in God's country!  Above all, keep it simple - and remember that less is more when bike packing (and often times in life)!  
Come on in and talk with us about bike packing gear - and how to carry it if you have any questions.  Bike packing is very simple - and we've got a great range of ultralight camping experience in our expert staff here at Cyclova XC - and have a great range of our favorite bike packing gear in stock! 

PARKING OF YOUR CARS IN TOWN:  This will be a busy weekend here in St. Croix Falls, with the Autumnfest Celebration going on.  With that said, PLEASE park your cars off of the streets.  We advise parking in one of the several FREE large parking lots on the Thompson Parkway - 1 block east of Cyclova XC. 

Questions???:  Stop on by, call, email, or message Cyclova XC (frank@cyclovaxc.com)!

We look forward to a fun weekend of riding and fun outdoor experiences with you!  In the mean time, here are a few fun pics of bike packing experiences that I've had over the years - enjoy!!!

Yet another take on a bike packing rig for the road.  I created this beast for a bike packing trip in 2009 - a Surly Big Dummy custom build, with 29'er wheels (and 700 x 25 road tires) on it.  The Big Dummy made a fine bike packing rig - with huge cargo capacity, and the ability to carry 4 water bottles.  My setup of the Titec H-Bar allowed for a nice variety of hand positions.  This bike didn't accelerate fast, but once you got it rolling, it stayed rolling with relative ease.
You've never felt contentment after a long day in the saddle...  that is after getting camp situated, clothes drying, and food in your belly!
Bike packing isn't just for the Summer months.  Today's ultra warm, ultra light gear makes bike packing during the Winter months a reality!
Bike packing gear is useful for a variety of purposes.  Here I carry an ice cold growler of a tasty IPA from Castle Danger Brewery in my Salsa Anything Cage
Endless espresso, Malt-O-Meal, and granola = all the comforts of home (well, at least most of them)!  Here David is high on life during our 2009 bike packing trip to Canada! 

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