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Fantasy Skiing and Real Skiing With Cyclova XC

Fellow Skiers and Nordic Enthusiasts,

I have two fun opportunities I would like to invite and encourage the Cyclova XC ski family to participate in.  One is a virtual competition and is real life.

Fantasy Cross Country

First lets start with the virtual competition.  I'm sure many people are familiar with fantasy football.  Noah Hoffman, one of the elite US skiers has created the cross country equivalent.  It might not be quite as full featured as ESPN's fantasy football, but the sport is definitely way better.

This is all free, but Noah and his sponsors have teamed up for some pretty sweet prizes.  There are both weekly prizes and some season long prizes.

He has also included the ability to make your own league.  I've created a Cyclova XC league.  I'd love to get some folks online and playing.  It will get you incentivized to get online and check out the latest World Cup news, reports, and results.  I even hear that you can watch the races this year online if you have certain NBC stations through your TV provider.

So, go check out the website, make a team, and then sign up for the Cyclova XC league.  The password is stcroix.  The first World Cup weekend is this coming up and the teams will lock on Friday so don't delay.  If you miss this weekend, don't worry, you can get in for the next World Cup weekend.

Fulton Brewery Team Race and Happy Hour

Can't relate to the elite level skiers in virtual competition?  How about getting on your own skis and racing and then drinking beer with your teammates?  I think everyone can get on board with that.

For the second year Fulton Brewing is sponsoring a Team Race on December 16th at Elm Creek.  There is a 5k skate race and a 5k classic race.  Do one ($8) or do them both ($14).  The winning team as determined by the scoring system wins a prize.  But in reality everyone wins, because everyone gets beer.

Last year Frank, Mitchel, Alisa, and myself represented Team Cyclova XC.  It would be a blast to have an even bigger team this year.  Worried you aren't fast enough to be on the team or race?  Non-sense.  This is a super welcoming race format and a low key event.  If you can ski 5k you can participate and we want you to be there!

Most of us haven't been on snow yet (I'm hitting Troll for the first time in the morning) but they are making snow at Hyland and Elm Creek now, so even if Mother Nature doesn't provide us with the natural stuff we should still be getting ready for some early season racing in just a few weeks.

I hope to see you out there.

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