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Cyclova Ski Poles Now Available! (Made by US Ski Pole Company)

This is kind of a fun deal! US Ski Pole Company has an option for a custom label on Ski poles, so I had them print up some sweet custom CyclovaXC poles. This is a great pole, USSPC is the supplier of poles to the Canadian national cross-country ski team, and the exact pole the pros use is available at Cyclova (but with the awesome Cyclova graphic). I skied the Birkie last year on the USSPC XC Signature model and I can attest that it's the stiffest pole I've ever used. Because of international trade agreements, poles made overseas do not have access to the high quality carbon fiber that's available in the US, and USSPC claims these are the lightest and stiffest poles on the market.

The other great thing about USSPC equipment is their fully adjustable strap. 
Most ski pole companies issue S, M, L, etc. straps, but USSPC offers an adjustable strap which is a much more effective approach. A lot of skiers in our region like to use bulky mitts because they have problems with cold hands. As a result, they can't fit their hands into the straps of European poles which are designed for use in milder temperatures. With the USSPC strap, you can change the strap size based on conditions. Also, we've had issues with delays getting straps in from the other companies, so it's nice to have this option available. Unfortunately, USSPC does not sell only the strap at this time.

Our current stock is 4 USSPC XC Signature Poles which retail at $249.95, and 2 pair of USSPC Alaska 49 poles that retail at $299.95. Because these are special edition CyclovaXC poles, all USSPC poles we carry have the same label (I ordered the Alaska 49s at 175 cm to tell them apart).

I found it's pretty difficult to take a picture of the ski poles to show off exactly how cool the Cyclova label is, so you really have to come down and see them. This idea of a "customizable" pole is kind of new, and USSPC offers it at no extra cost. If you've got a high school team and you want to get a fleet of custom school poles, come on in and talk with us. I can help you design the graphic at no extra cost.

It's always fun to work with a US based cross-country ski company. USSPC is owned by Andy Liebner who is a very accomplished skier. Check out his book "Wild Shot" about his adventures as a Olympic hopeful biathlete (we've got a few copies of that as well).

Now all we need is some snow!

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  1. I've heard good things about these poles. The baskets are easily and quickly removable which creates a roller skiing pole. They've got a selection of 3 baskets for different snow conditions. Their 2 year warranty stands alone in this industry too.