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Solstice Chase Pro Racer Call Out: Evan Simula

Evan Simula is no stranger to high speed on a fat bike, and will be in the mix for the money at the 2015 Solstice Chase!  Photo Credit:  Rob Meendering
The Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race is a celebration of Winter, a community festival, and yes a BIG TIME BICYCLE RACE!  As this is a big scale bike race drawing riders of all abilities from across the country, and the first event of this year's Great Lakes Fat Bike Series, we're excited to be welcoming a bunch pro racers to this year's event!  Many of these pro & elite racers will be in pursuit of the HUGE CASH PRIZE for the fastest male and fastest female in the 42k event!

The huge list of pro & elite racers who will be toeing the line and after the $1000 cash purse in the 42k Solstice Chase main event is huge.  Even more huge is the fact that we are nearly at the 300 mark for pre-registered racers (that's right, if you haven't registered yet, you better do so now!  

We're delighted to announce that one of the best known fat bikers around (and for very good reason) will be returning to the 2015 Solstice Chase....  EVAN SIMULA!  Evan is one of the gentlemen of the sport, one of the funnest people you'll ever meet, and a phenom on the bike.  I've never ridden with anyone with his amazing technical skills AND pure speed - usually riders have one or the other.  Evan will put both his speed and skills to the test at the 2015 Solstice Chase!  We are thrilled to have Evan competing at the 2015 Solstice Chase - welcome Evan! 

Check out some of Evan's work in 45NRTH's sweet "RideGroomed" Video - Evan is the featured rider!  45NRTH - RIDE GROOMED from 45NRTH.

I recently asked Evan how he was feeling about the coming event, and following are his thoughts: 
"I am really excited to Race the Solstice chase and see some new faces on the Great lakes fat Bike Series this season including some fantastic new team-mates! Like everyone else I'm hoping for that big snowstorm but I am looking forward having a great weekend of fun and racing regardless of the conditions! "

Not interested in riding?  Join us & make a day of it by enjoying the biggest wedding barn in Wisconsin (which will be partially heated), spectating, enjoying the groovy tunes by globally renowned "DJ ESP", ringing a cowbell & cheering on the racers, chatting with the bike vendors (45NRTH, Advocate Cycles, and HED) on hand, or have amazing food or drink from Cafe Wren & A Wandering Fire!  For the full scoop on our amazing race venue and many of the great things happening at this community event, CLICK HERE!

For the full scoop on the Solstice Chase, click HERE.  To register, CLICK HERE!  If you are a pro racer interested in competing at the Solstice Chase, email

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