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2016 Salsa Line Up and SaddleDrive Tradeshow Report!!

QBP's Saddle Drive trade show in Ogden, UT was where the 2016 Salsa bike lineup was unveiled - in a truly epic setting!
Cyclova XC had the honor of being included in a couple hundred of the nation's top bike shops at Saddle Drive - to check out new products from several top niche bike brands including Salsa, Foundary, Surly, All City, and many accessory brands - all of these brands are available at Cyclova XC!
All City threw a great party at the "Kokomo Lounge" in Ogden to unveil their new road bike - the updated Mr. Pink!
First thing on Monday morning, I was on hand for the official 2016 Product Line Unveiling.  Here, Salsa Global Sales Manager Benton Hunt walks retailers through the product line.
Having literally invented the modern "Adventure Bicycle" category, Salsa continues to be the industry leader in Adventure bikes.  Here is a prototype 2016 Salsa CutThroat ridden to a 3rd place finish in the 2015 Tour Divide Race (a 2745 mile unsupported adventure race from British Columbia to Mexico on the Continental Divide) by Jay Petervary

The Cut Throat is a ultralight brother to the Salsa Fargo - a drop bar ultra-tough adventure bike built around the 29" wheel platform, designed to carry gear.  Quite possibly the most versatile bike on the planet... 
The Salsa Pony Rustler was arguably the hottest bike of the show - for good reason.  The Pony Rustler is a confidence inspiring, all mountain bike with Boost equipped 27.5" wheels.  This thing climbs surprisingly well and manhandles the descents & technical features like no-body's business!  The new 2016 Horsethief is the same frame design, except built around the 29" wheel platform. 

I am very excited about the 2016 Salsa BlackBorrow & Mukluk product line ups - which you'll find extensively at Cyclova XC yet this Autumn!  The Blackborrow features full 100mm width rims with 5" tires and is the ultimate back country expedition bike - snow, sand, or mud.  The new 2016 Mukluk gets a full update with all new frame geometry and sticks with 4" tires. 
The 2016 Salsa Beargrease line has been expanded to include more models, greater value, and an incredible lower entry level price point - with the Beargrease's tried and trued frame materials and geometry.  As I've discovered on my own - the Beargrease is a fabulous year round mountain bike - one that rivals the speed & weight of any xc mountain bike.  The new Beargrease X5 comes in at the incredible low pricepoint of $1599, while the Beargrease X7 (full carbon frame & fork) comes in at an incredible $2699.99!  You will see a whole lot of Beargrease bikes coming through Cyclova XC this year. 
Cyclova XC has already seen a couple of Salsa Bucksaw's come through the shop - including the above 2016 Carbon Bucksaw!  The Bucksaw is an incredibly fast, confidence inspiring, full suspension fat bike.  After the first time riding it, I described it as a "Formula 1 Bulldozer" - as it's wicked fast, yet you can plow over anything with it.  Come check out the Beargrease at Cyclova XC!
2016 Salsa bikes will begin arriving at Cyclova XC yet this Summer / Autumn.  While we will have deep inventory in key models, it may be necessary to special order others early (such as the very special limited edition Salsa Deadwood) - while supplies last.  To inquire about any Salsa bikes, stop on by Cyclova XC or email!  Stay tuned for more specific details and reviews on 2016 Salsa bike models!

2015 Sasquatch #4 Results and Mullin's Race Report

A bright and sunny morning followed another evening of torrential rain in the St. Croix Valley.  Sadly the rain didn't take all the moisture out of the air and the Sasquatch Dashers were left to splash through the puddles and creeks, and breath the heavy humid air.

Mixing it up a little bit, we offered two courses for this edition hoping that folks who would want to participate, but weren't interested in 7 miles would join in.  As it turns out, all of the participants on this morning chose the long course.  The course started similar to the last dash running up the Horizon Rock Trail in WI Interstate Park.  Instead of an out and back though along the entire length of the Skyline Trail, we veered off down the Ravine Trail into the valley before circling back to cross the river and do the trails in MN Interstate Park.

Hot Squatchers after the race.
It wouldn't be a Sasquatch Dash without at least one person going off course.  I think we had 4 this time, sadly myself included AGAIN.  Mine was a pretty short detour heading towards the river off the River Trail instead of  staying right.  We had a few other folks do something similar and end up where the climbers like to do their thing.

The men's race had some fireworks up front with Greg Atkinson taking ownership of "his trails" and taking it to the field.  Normal favorite Alex was one of our want to be climbers and when he passed me coming back into WI I was pretty surprised to have him come from behind.  Wrong turns aside though I think Greg probably had this one in the bag.  We could see a real run for the overall title in the next few races.

Hesquatch Results

On the ladies side we had low turn out again with just to ladies showing up.  With Alex's wrong turn Tammi was able to put down the second fastest time overall.

Shesquatch Results
In the overall race we have reached 4 races.  If you'll remember, you get to score your best 4 results.  This means that for a few of us who have completed all 4 races we may start throwing out results at the next race.  For now, the totals below reflect all scoring.

On the men's side Alex is still comfortably in the lead and I am precariously hanging on to second over Greg.  With the next race being the pursuit, scoring is a bit more of a crap shoot.  A final showdown at the series finale with double the points on the line is going to make this a very interesting race between Greg and Alex.

On the ladies side Tammi is setting up for another dominating series performance this year.  Starr and Dorinda have second and third through strong consistent performances.  We could get some movement into the "podium" on the ladies side with a potential uptick in participation from the ladies.

Mullin's Race Report

Things have been heading in the right direction fitness wise the last few weeks.  I've been on the ball with consistent volume, actual workouts, and I've even cleaned up the diet a little and started a little strength work.

I made the choice the night before to go participate in the CyclovaXC Friday Night Hill's group ride.  I told the other guys at the base of the first climb (Cyclova Short Park Repeat) that I was going for that one and then soft pedaling the rest of the night.  While I certainly didn't attack the rest of them, it is hard to soft pedal up those hills in the valley.  In the end I hoped that two hours of climbing around on my bike didn't take too much out of me.  While I probably limited my performance some, I don't think I changed the placing in the race.

I started the race in a group of four with Alex, Greg, and Tammi.  It started out fairly tame through the campground.  As soon as it pitched up though I soon found myself alone watching those three run away from me.  I figured we would find a little water on the course, but I was surprised by the flowing creek we ran through on Horizon Rock.  We had plenty of water throughout the course with a combination of standing water and running water in various places.

Kevin's legs as evidence of the soggy conditions.
The descent down off of Skyline Trail on Ravine Trail I was able to catch back up to Tammi.  We made it down with only a few slips and lots of splashes and started back up the road again.  We could just see Alex turning corners ahead of us with Greg no longer in sight.

Tammi stopped to grab a drink quick before getting on the River Trail on the MN side.  I had a little gap after that, but I blew that with my wrong turn.  We reached the MN park entrance at the same time where she grabbed another drink.  I then promptly tripped on the VERY FIRST step.  No damage done other than to take me out mentally momentarily.

Not quite flat course.  Over 800' of climbing.
Those stairs were a killer.  Any thought of trying to run them went right out the window.  I was reduced to hands on knees one step at a time.  Tammi had caught me on the climb and then passed me shortly before we reached the top.  She promptly really put time into me.

By the time I finished climbing the stairs to the Railroad Trail I was pretty tired.  I was definitely more mentally in the game this time though and was able to find a gear and keep running.  The stretch of the Railroad Trail that was in the sun was pretty brutal.  By the time I hit 1st St in TF Tammi was already halfway across the bridge to WI.

Pretty solid threshold level effort.
I was startled by footsteps behind me on the bridge.  Alex caught me, tried to give me a push (the helpful kind, not over the railing) and took off.

I was going to challenge myself to run up all of the ladder tank.  I made it about 2/3 of the way and just couldn't keep it up.  It even took me a little bit back up on Washington to pull it together to finish the run in to the finish.

I'm pretty pleased with my effort and the lack of a mental lapse like the last Sasquatch dash.

2015 Sasquatch Dash #4

Hey Squatchers and potential Squatchers!

I just wanted to point out that we are trying out something new for the dash this Saturday.  We are having TWO courses.  The dashes have been getting a little longer every time, but we want to encourage more participation and don't want the distance to be a barrier.  So we have a long course and a short course this time.  Both courses are real Sasquatch courses so you won't feel cheated if you do either one.

Meet at CyclovaXC at 8:30, we depart at 9:00am.  This Saturday 7/18.

Brief Reminder of What This Is

Just in case you might not have paid too much attention before, these dashes are totally free, no support, completely fun trail running events with a good group of fun people.  We all meet up at approximately 8:30 to gather, review the course and visit (Kristen will have the shop open for last minute purchases or bathroom stops).  Then at 9:00 we all start together and check out the incredible trails in the St. Croix Valley.  Then when you finish you scribble (I ask you all to write nice, but it seems challenging when oxygen deprived) your name and time on the clipboard, and we all hang out to cheer everyone in.  Then grab a coffee and treat at one of the local coffee houses and enjoy the rest of the day.

The Courses

Short Course

The short course is approximately 4.25 miles and will be predominantly MN Interstate Park with plenty of single track, moderate hills, and 100% fun.

Short Course Overview

Hwy 8 Tunnel Detail
Taylors Falls/River Detail
  1. Start at CyclovaXC and run south on 87/Washington Ave
  2. Turn right on to the Ladder Tank Trail (0.38mi)
  3. Turn left onto the campground road (0.45mi) and then turn right onto the campground loop (0.5mi)
  4. Run past the bathrooms and up the campground entrance road under Hwy 8 and turn right onto the trail to cross the St. Croix River. (0.72mi)  Note: The long course will continue straight here.
  5. Cross the river and then choose your own adventure to get on the River Trail in MN Interstate to run to the main park.  Choices are the trail behind the paddle boats or through the parking lot and onto one of several trail entrances off the parking lot or main pot hole trail area.
  6. Follow the River Trail.  Nearing the campground, stay right and stay on the River Trail (1.82mi).  If you stay left you'll end up in the campground which is fine, just run through the campground towards the entrance, you'll just go a little farther.
  7. At the park entrance go between the office and the firewood building to find the tunnel under Hwy 8.  See the detail satellite image above. (2.18mi)
  8. Immediately on the other side of Hwy 8 stay right (don't go up the stairs) and follow the trail that parallels Hwy 8.
  9. At the next intersection with a bridge and another set of stairs, stay right and go up the stairs to the Railroad Trail (2.31mi)
  10. Follow the Railroad Trail all the way to Taylors Falls going through the parking lot, onto Government St and then a right on 1st St.  See the detail satellite image above. (3.31mi).
  11. Follow 1st St down the hill across Hwy 95 and onto the bridge over the St. Croix River.
  12. On the WI side of the river again turn left onto the gentle grassy slope to descend back into the WI Interstate Park Campground again (3.52mi)
  13. Retrace your steps through the campground, up the Ladder Tank Trail, onto Hwy 87 and back to CyclovaXC to finish.
Long Course

The short course is approximately 7.1 miles, will be both Interstate Parks and have lots of single track, lots of hills, and also 100% fun.  The long course starts very similar to the last dash, but take the Ravine trail down before looping back and across the river to the other Interstate Park.  This could be titled the Trail of Two Interstates.

Long Course Overview
  1. Start in front of CyclovaXC.
  2. Run south on 87/Washington St.
  3. Turn right onto the Ladder Tank trail and descend into the north campground of Interstate Park. (0.4mi)
  4. Turn left onto the campground road (0.46mi) and turn right onto the campground loop (0.52mi).
  5. Head up the campground entrance road under Hwy 8 (0.72mi).  Note: The short course will turn right here.  Don't worry, you'll be back in a few miles to do the same.
  6. Cross the main park road and enter the Horizon Rock trail (0.89mi)
  7. Follow the Horizon Rock trail up to the Ice Age Center (1.38mi).
  8. Enter the Skyline Nature Trail and follow it until it Intersects with the top of the Ravine Trail (stay right once past the trail center) (1.97mi)
  9. Descend the Ravine Trail and cross the picnic area parking lot to the park road. (2.53mi)
  10. Turn right on the park road and head back to the Ice Age Trail parking area where you originally entered the Horizon Rock Trail (3.0mi)
  11. Turn left and descend the park road back to the Hwy 8 bridge and turn left on the south side to cross the river to MN (3.13mi)  Note: This is where the short course departed before.
  12. Cross the river and then choose your own adventure to get on the River Trail in MN Interstate to run to the main park.  Choices are the trail behind the paddle boats or through the parking lot and onto one of several trail entrances off the parking lot or main pot hole trail area.
  13. Follow the River Trail.  Nearing the campground, stay right and stay on the River Trail (4.22mi).  If you stay left you'll end up in the campground which is fine, just run through the campground towards the entrance, you'll just go a little farther.
  14. At the park entrance go between the office and the firewood building to find the tunnel under Hwy 8.  See the detail satellite image above. (4.58mi)
  15. On the other side of Hwy 8 stay left and go up the major flight of stairs to the Sandstone Trail.  Note: The short course stays right and skips these stairs.
  16. Follow the Sandstone Trail up the bluff, across the bluff, and then down the gradual descent to where the trail intersects a bridge, large set of stairs to the left to the Railroad trail and short stairs to the right to go back to MN Interestate.  Turn left onto the Railroad Trail and climb that flight of stairs.  (5.2mi)
  17. Follow the Railroad Trail all the way to Taylors Falls going through the parking lot, onto Government St and then a right on 1st St.  See the detail satellite image above. (6.18mi).
  18. Follow 1st St down the hill across Hwy 95 and onto the bridge over the St. Croix River.
  19. On the WI side of the river again turn left onto the gentle grassy slope to descend back into the WI Interstate Park Campground again (6.4mi)
  20. Retrace your steps through the campground, up the Ladder Tank Trail, onto Hwy 87 and back to CyclovaXC to finish.

To incentivize you to take on the more challenging long course, normal scoring will be done for the participants who do the long course.  Scoring will then pick up again for the finishers of the short course.  So say there were 10 ladies who did the long course and 5 who did the short course.  The finishers of the long course would score the normal points of 20 for the winner down to 4 points for the 10th.  The first short course finisher would then score 3 points, 2 points for second, and the rest would all score 1 point.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to get in touch with me via email ( or check out the Facebook Event and ask there.

I hope to see a bunch of folks there on Saturday morning.

Gandy Marathon Fee Increase TODAY!

Hey Folks!
This email is to remind you that the Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon Fee will increase on 7/15/2015 so if you have not already done so, click this link and get signed up! Our registration numbers are way ahead of where they were at this point last year and we're looking forward to another fantastic marathon. If you have already signed up, now's the time to remind your family and friends to join in to be a part of a great day. Remember we have a Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Marathon Relay and a 5k! You are welcome to walk the 5k, so please urge your support people to sign up and participate. Remember that the Gandy Marathon helps raise funds for the Luck Fire Department, so it's for a great cause!

As October 10th approaches, we'll be sending out another email with logistical information for all of you. Be sure to check the updates on,, and our Facebook page. Updates should also appear in local publications like The Valley Wire and Living and Playing.

We'd like to thank our sponsors for making this event possible:

The Luck Fire Department

​That's it for now! If you've already signed up for the Gandy Marathon, don't forget to encourage your friends to do so as well :) Keep training and we'll see you all in Luck in October!

Mullin's St. Croix Fat Cat Triathlon Report


I'll blame this one on Adam Lushanko.  Prior to him inviting me to be the biker on Team Orange Crush I thought the non-traditional triathlons looked interesting (particularly for someone who doesn't swim), but I had not yet put it on my priority list of so many good events to try.  Then after getting a taste as a part of a relay the juices started flowing.  Adam reminded me that the St. Croix Fat Cat was up for its second edition in July.  I didn't actually sign up until just a few weeks ago, but I was pretty sure I was going to race not too long after finishing the Stower Seven Lakes Triathlon.

As far as specific prep for this race, let's run through each leg one at a time.


Prior to Tuesday I had been in a kayak exactly once in my life.  It was probably two years ago and I probably paddled one of my parents new kayak's around Square Lake for 15 minutes.  That probably wouldn't be enough.  Tuesday, Starr and I took my parent's kayaks out again and this time we paddled around for an hour and a half.  This was mostly just touring exploring some back bays of Big Marine, but also getting a feel for paddling.

Loon family while cruising Big Marine
Adam had offered to let me borrow his kayak and I was going to take him up on it.  His is longer and sleeker than the very stable kayaks my parents have.  So Friday evening (race eve), I met up with Adam to go for a short spin in his kayak and make sure I wasn't going to give up the time gained from a faster craft by rolling it over in the river.  All was well though.  A huge thank you to Adam for letting me borrow the kayak, meeting up with me the night before, and helping with drop off and pickup during race day.

So with 3 whole times in a kayak, probably totaling 2 hours, and maybe 20 minutes of watching YouTube videos on how to paddle I was all set.


I've been running occasionally.  After the Chippewa 50k, it has only been probably twice a week or so.  I'm up to all of 356 miles for the year.  So my run fitness is less than it has been historically, but I'm not super far off either.  I did a nice cruise interval workout on Monday and it went well so I felt set.

Good cruise workout on Monday.


Here is where things look a little different than historically.  I already have more miles on my bike this year than I did in all of last year.  I attribute this to having a bike I love to ride.  I picked up a 2015 Warbird 2 the week of the Birkie and I'm pretty sure I've ridden it at least once a week, and frequently more often than that since.

Loving this bike.  The aerobars were an addition just for this race.  They aren't normal equipment.


Specific time goals were going to be hard to come by in this event.  I really had no idea how to predict the paddle.  My dunks in the lake were about 4mph which would be close to an hour, but most of the paddle is current aided and last years results showed very few people around an hour.  The run is all up hill.  The bike seemed the most stable thing with just rolling paved roads.

Overall place can be a sketchy thing to guess at a race like this as well.  With low numbers it is all about who shows up.  Also, this race was looking like it was going to grow considerably from the year before which doesn't help predictions either.

But, maybe you saw this on Facebook in the week leading into the race.

Forget specific time goals (though we will get to those) and overall placing, let's throw down with all around good guy Cory Pratt.  I thought the race would be really interesting with our different strengths.

In the end I concluded the following:

So I was calling it me, by a minute, with both of our times right around 1:58.

Right off the bat Adam weighed in with his prediction:

After a little initial ribbing to show him the spreadsheets that broke down our splits, corrected for heat and humidity, and factoring in the phase of the moon, Cory took the bait and stepped up with his own prediction and we settled on a Blizzard for the eventual winner.

I didn't see any other public predictions, but there was definitely some good-natured chatter from our St. Croix Valley endurance friends.



The race starts at the Old Log Landing north of Copas.  The space is limited there so this is a rolling start.  Basically about two water craft at a time get to start and this happens for 20 to 30 minutes.  Starr and I met my parents and Adam at Hay Lake to wrangle kayaks before getting a ride over to drop us and the kayaks off.  When we got there Cory wasn't there yet.  The shuttle was running a bit behind with the larger numbers of participants this year.  I wanted to race heads up with Cory so I waited.  I got Starr in the water and then watched as more people started.

Cory eventually arrived and we got in line and probably started in the back 20% of the field.  I got in the water just a little ahead of Cory.  I think I was probably approaching half a mile down the river before he caught me from behind.  I was feeling pretty good about that.  That feeling faded slowly as he put some time and distance on me and I kept seeing that we weren't getting as close to the finish as I thought we should.  Going past the north end of Greenburg Island he was 2 minutes ahead plus whatever time he started behind me.  By the time we went around the south end I couldn't see him any more.

The turn around the south end was a rude awakening.  We had been paddling down stream up until then and I was averaging 6 mph.  By the time we finished I was back to 5.3 mph in the final 0.7 miles.

Find the point where we turned up river.
Ultimately I got out of the river after 42:13.  So this was 3 minutes better than my prediction.  This was positive, but I wasn't sure how far I was actually down to Cory and thought he had probably improved on his time from last year.

Making the final push for the landing.  Photo Credit: Roberta Mullin

Kayak->Run Transition:

My parents were taking care of picking up the kayaks for me and Starr.  I am really grateful they were willing to lend us one of their kayaks and the support and photography.  They also put out my run gear for me.  I had a water bottle to wash my feet, towel to dry them off, socks, a gu, and my shoes tied but ready for slipping on.  In hind sight I could probably have gone without the need to change shoes.  I was able to get in and out of the kayak with minimal foot wetting.  In any case I made the transition run, change, slammed a gu and some water in 1:26


Now was my time to shine.  I took off down the trail knowing I had my work cut out for me, but needing to balance that with the increasing heat and humidity and knowing I had to save something for the bike.

I caught Starr at the top of the road hill.  She was running strong and looked good at that point.  She told me that Cory got out of the water at the same time as her and took off quick.  I figured Cory had a good several minutes on me with that information.  There wasn't anything to do but keep motoring on.

I caught Ana just after the tunnel.  She thought Cory was a mile up the trail.  This was a bit discouraging because we were about half way into the run and if he still had a mile on me that was a LONG ways.  Shortly after that some guy in cut-off jorts blew by me.  Dang!

Thankfully as we were on the trail exiting the park I caught sight of a bright orange sleeveless jersey up ahead.  Yes, I was gaining on Cory.  I finally caught him on Oxboro just before the turn onto Old Marine with just over a mile to go.  We exchanged pleasantries and I kept on trucking knowing that even though we were now side by side he started the kayak after me and was technically still leading by elapsed time.  I was feeling pretty good despite the heat and hills.

I rolled into the transition where we had a pretty good cheering section going.  My parents, Starr's son, the Sotis family, Jody Fissgus, and maybe a few more I didn't notice.  It was awesome!  My run time was 41:19.  Pretty much spot on from my prediction of 41.

Nearing transition, Jody of the CyclovaXC cheer section right behind me.  Photo Credit: Barry Mullin

Cory not far behind.  Photo Credit: Barry Mullin
Run->Bike Transition:

I slipped out of my running shoes and slipped on my bike shoes, dropped the hat, slipped my helmet on, and slammed another gu and was out of transition in 1:04.


Here is where I wasn't sure what was going to happen.  I've been biking a lot, but Cory is a beast on a bike.  While I had put my aerobars on which was going to help, I'm still running my Clement USH 35mm tires on Stans Ironcross rims slightly overpressured at about 50-55psi.  Not the ideal road tire.

I got going and dropped into the aerobars right away.  I was immediately grateful for them as we headed south into the wind.  I took a quick peak over my shoulder at the turn onto 185th St about a mile in.  I didn't see Cory but that didn't mean anything.

From there on I pretty much kept my head down and hammered.  It is a really nice course with mostly just rolling hills.  There are only maybe two that I got out of the aerobars to really crank on.  I was a little disappointed to get blown away by a few bikers.  They were on full aerobikes complete with aero wheels so I can't feel too bad about that.

Hammering for the finish.
Coming into the finish I was still ahead of Cory so I dropped my bike with the volunteers and tried to run for the finish.  This is one little oddity of the triathlon with the final 50m run after the bike.  I just about biffed it as my legs still wanted to pedal circles instead of running.  Total bike plus short run of 33:52.  So a couple of minutes slower than predicted.

All told my final time was 1:59:51 officially.  So while my individual splits were right on, my estimates didn't account for my transition times.  Overall pretty good for some a SWAG (scientific wild ass guess).

All I could do at this point is wait for Cory to finish and see what happened.  He rolled in and we congratulated each other on a great race.


And that is all there is to say.

What, you want to know how it actually ended after all of that?


First up was comparing our watches.  Cory had 1:59:30 on his watch.  Me?  I had 1:59:29.  How about that for a close race?!

I knew my watch wasn't going to exactly match the official timing because I didn't start and stop it right at the timing mats.  This was definitely going to come down to the official results so we had to wait.

Jamey Sotis got a picture of us immediately after the finish.  I think this was after we had already determined it was going to be a "photo finish" by the official timer.
After a short suspenseful wait for more results to be posted this is what we found.

That is right folks.  8 seconds.  This whole thing came down to 8 seconds.  When I predicted it would be a good race I was hopeful it would be good, but sometimes you never know on any given day.  This was incredible.  I couldn't have asked for a better race with a better competitor.

That said, 8 seconds is going to cost Cory a blizzard.

I'd also like you to go back up and look at Adam Lushanko's prediction.  He is either very good or very lucky.  Eitherway, huge kudos to him for an eerily accurate prediction.  And again thanks for letting me borrow the kayak and the support to help make this happen.

Thanks for the great race Cory!  We will see you July 9th 2016 for a rematch.

A few quick notes about some other notable finishes.

Jeff Wolf signed up Friday night and rolled in Saturday to lay the smack down on the M40-49 age group winning with a time of 2:06:26.

Ana Pratt took the F30-39 and overall women's individual title with a 2:19:10.

Starr took a back third paddle, before mid pack run, and a FIRST individual female bike to place a phenomenal 56 overall for combined individual/tandem.

Smiling on her way to killing it on the bike.  Photo Credit: Roberta Mullin

I won't go too hog wild here, but we should break this down by official splits.

I actually found this really surprising.  Cory outsplit me for the kayak obviously, but also by quite a bit on T1 and by a little on T2.  Turns out my initial shoe change was almost my down fall.  Our kayak/run differential was almost identical and not as much as I thought they would be.  We both appeared to mitigate our weaknesses well.

When you run the cumulative time Cory got on the bike course with a 48 second advantage.  I didn't think it was that big if anything at the time during the race.  I really left it all on the bike course.  I've never seen my average HR that high on a bike ride before (177bpm/92%maxHR).  Turns out it was a good thing I did.

In the end I think Cory and I both know where we can make some gains for 2016.  I'm thinking sub 1:55 for both of us.  What do you say Cory?

Mullin's What's Next

There are a steady selection of events on the calendar for the rest of July and August.

First up is the fourth installment of the 2015 Sasquatch Dash series this coming Saturday 7/18.  Stay tuned for the course by late Monday night.

Then a few days of riding in Copper Harbor, no racing, just riding.  Hopefully lots of riding.

Then there are plans forming to ride 100k of Woolly on a single day in August.

Potentially the Lester River MTB race.

Sasquatch Dash #5.

Cyclova XC CLOSED for the July 4th holiday.

 in observance of the holiday. 

Wishing you all a fun and safe holiday! 

 Happy Fourth of July from the staff at Cyclova XC!