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Ski Race Season! - SISU Ski Fest on Saturday

I was spending some time trolling the CyclovaXC blog archives the other night.  Ben used to give a shout out when races were coming up.  Since the blog has been kind of quiet lately and the first big ski race of the season is coming up I thought I might do my own shout out.

This weekend is bringing the first marathon ski race of the season with the SISU Ski Fest in Ironwood MI.  I'm pretty pumped to start racing.  I know there is at least a small contingent of Cyclova XC team members heading up to race on Saturday.

Many of the early blog posts were all about the team and community that Ben and Frank were building.  Showing up to these races in team gear makes it really easy to spot your old friends or make new ones.  The rule is that if you see someone in team gear you have to say hi, even if you don't know them.  Most of my friends I can directly tie to the Cyclova community.  I'm looking forward to reconnecting with my ski teammates and meeting a few new ones this season.

What I've Been Up To

It is going on almost two months since I was last able to post a race report.  The Icebox 480 brought an end to my "off season".  As I indicated in that report's "what's next" section, I did do my local Turkey Trot, but a 5k really doesn't make for much of a race report.

What I have been up to then in the last few months is hitting the ski specific training hard.  Harder than I've skied since high school.  Since I started skiing again my training focus has been mostly on volume.  Any intensity in my ski training has been pretty much limited to racing.  I had a few years of improvement following that formula, but the gains have been diminishing.

This year, under the tutelage of one of our most successful skiers, I have changed things up dramatically and am doing actual workouts two to three times a week.  The first few were pretty disappointing, but I'm really excited about where it seems my fitness has gone subsequently.

I don't have any objective data yet to quantify the effect of this new methodology.  Normally I've raced a couple of times by now, but with the low snow and lack of TC Champs this year, Saturday is going to be my first test.  I'll tell you I'm all sorts of nervous and excited to toe the line on Saturday and race.

Rest assured I'll be crunching the numbers post race and you'll be able to read all about it here next week.

See you on the trails!

Oh, and FYI...

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