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Big Rock Creek Retreat Trails Open for XC Skiing as of 2/4/2016!

Breaking news!!!  Parts of the trail network at Big Rock Creek Retreat are now open for XC Skiing!  Get out and enjoy this amazing Nordic trail system!

As of noon today, a portion of the xc ski trail system at Big Rock Creek Retreat is open for XC skiing!  With the property for sale, there were serious doubts as to whether Big Rock Creek would be open for any skiing this Winter - but Scott and the Big Rock Creek team were able to make it happen.  Kudos to them!  For more information, history, and Cyclova's writeup no this property, check out the Cyclova trail profile from a few years back.  

With the future of the property being uncertain, NOW is your opportunity to get out to Big Rock Creek Retreat and ski!

Following are the pertinent details you'll want to know:
Parking:  Park out at the main lot by Hwy 87 - where parking was last Winter.
Payment:  Skiing will be available on a day pass basis only and will be $10 per day - per skier. Payment is honor system and can be done at the registration kiosk in the front parking lot.  Trail patrols will be present - so be certain to pay!!!
Allowed Usergroups for this Winter:  XC skiers only - no fat biking, hiking, or snowshoeing this Winter (except for special events).  
Grooming Updates:  Grooming updates will be on the Big Rock Creek Retreat Facebook Page.
Trails that are open:  The northern portion of the trail network is open and groomed - and marked with signage.  Think the northern 1/3 of the trail network.  In other words, go out the main middle trail (past the artesian well & past the Wilderness Cabin), then loop back on the northern trail.  To view a map, click here, and follow the following course on the map (referencing the lettered sections of trail):  Start at the parking lot and follow the trail to the clubhouse, then follow C to D to M, then follow the new north loop trail around and back to the farm.  

Check out the above great video from a few years back - of the first ever xc ski at Big Rock Creek.  This will give you a sense for the wilderness & terrain at Big Rock Creek Retreat!  Thanks again to Dallas for putting together this video!

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