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Mullin's Pepsi Challenge Race Report

You get a terribly short report this time. Shocking I know.  A few reasons for that.

1) I stalled for almost a week to write this.

2) I'm writing this on the blogger app on my phone and it sucks.

3) I was going to make this my season wrap up because I was done for the season...  But

After the Birkie I watched the weather to see if the Pepsi Challenge was going to be decent or not. Initially the temps were going to be around zero and there was no way I was doing that again.  Then it warmed up all week.   I decided I would take my boys with me Friday night and we would get a hotel with a pool and have a good time.

My youngest ended up sick but my oldest and I took off Friday afternoon and had some good quality time.

Saturday morning we headed to Giants Ridge for me to do the 24k classic race.

I had two pairs of skis.  My old standbys and new stiff klister skis I hadn't even skied once. I kinda botched my klister job and those were draggy. The Oslo Purple were kicking good so I went with them.

Unfortunately it warmed very rapidly that day and less than half way into the race anywhere that was sunny I had zero kick. I had to basically situp and enjoy the gorgeous day on the trails because I don't have the power to weight ratio to double pole that course.

When I finished I was positive I was done racing for the year. I was tired and really sore.

But...  Wednesday an opening came up in the van to Calumet for the Great Bear Chase.  So here I am on my way up to the UP for one last marathon skate.  This time I really will be done.

Weather looks good tomorrow so I'm going to enjoy the day no matter the outcome.  Then I'll write my last report and season summary.

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