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Nordic Spirit Video

Just a quick update on the Nordic Spirit race from a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't mention it my original report, but Jay decided to wear a GoPro during the race.  Seeing as I led him for a good portion of the first 8k I got a decent amount of air time.

Eve Graves of Silent Sports Images also shared some great pictures she took at the event and I put a couple of those here.

Coming down the connector trail into Magney.  Things were fast and a little lumpy and bumpy.  You can see Jay behind me.

Climbing back out of Magney on the connector about 10k later.  I'm following Zach here with Anders trying to catch back on.
Lastly you can read Jay's race report here:  Jay's Race Report

Hopefully everyone is suffering from a bad case of Birkie Fever.  We will see you in Hayward this weekend.  Bring your shorts.

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