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YOU'RE INVITED: All Things Gravel @ Cyclova's Adventure & Tech Social Series Event # 8! !Joshua Stamper & Frank Lundeen Presenting!

Join us for "All Things Gravel" - part of Cyclova's Adventure & Tech Social Series on 2/25/2016.  Learn about the bliss gravel provides bicycle adventurists!  Photo Credit:  David Gabrys
YOU'RE INVITED:  This Thursday, 25 February, 2016 at 6PM is the "Gravel Extravaganza" installment of Cyclova's 2015-2016 Adventure & Tech Social Series - and you don't want to miss it!  Refreshments & snacks will be served free of charge!

If learning about one of gravel cycling's most epic events from one of the "Godfather's of Gravel" (and all around great guy / pedal crusher - Joshua Stamper), learning all about gravel bicycle technology (and what makes a gravel bike a gravel bike - by Frank Lundeen), and meeting fellow gravel cycling enthusiasts sounds interesting to you - you aught to be here!  For more details on each presentation, check out the specifics below:

Our featured presenter Joshua Stamper de-briefs the 2016 Gravel Conspirators, prior to boarding the bus to the Canadian border.
6 p.m. on Thursday, February 25, 2016 - All Things Gravel:
Adventure: Joshua Stamper, founder of the Gravel Conspiracy, a three-day, nearly 300 mile, bike expedition which traverses the Laurential Divide through rugged and remote Northern Minnesota. He will present slides from past conspiracies and reveal some exciting new details and changes coming to the 2016 Gravel Conspiracy. Get inspired and harness your inner adventurer; you'll be compelled to join the crew for the next Conspiracy!

Tech: Frank Lundeen, co-owner of Cyclova XC and three-time Gravel Conspirator, discusses the rapidly growing gravel bike scene. He'll share gravel adventure tips, talk about frame geometry and technologies that set gravel bikes aside from the rest, and show you the simple and affordable gear that is sure to make your gravel cycling the most enjoyable experience! Catch the "Gravel Bug" and get out with the crew on our next expedition!

For the full scoop & schedule on the entire 2015-2015 Cyclova Adventure & Tech Social Series, CLICK HERE

Gravel adventure rides put you in unlikely situations for a bicycle ride, sometimes savoring unlikely energy sources!  Note the Chef Boyardee in hand, as well as the beef sticks & Coca-Cola on the ground...  Photo Credit:  Joshua Stamper

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