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2016 Book Across the Bay Write-up

Hey All,
Dan Campion's sun Eli sent me this wonderful write-up of his experience at that event with his dad. Pure gold! This is why we do this! Thanks Dan & Eli!

Book Across the Bay
Ashland, WI
Eli Campion

For the second year, I skied the Book Across the Bay race with my Dad.  The Book Across the Bay is a 10 kilometer ski or snowshoe race across Lake Superior from Ashland to Washburn.  The race starts at sunset and takes a lot of effort.  Above is an ice luminary with a candle inside, which marks the race course.

We left our house Saturday morning and it took two hours to drive to Washburn for packet pickup.   Above is a photo of me in line getting the packet.  I also got this cool shirt.

After packet pickup, we drove to Ashland and checked into our hotel room, where we hung out for a couple hours until the race started.

We rode from the finish line in Washburn to the starting line in Ashland on the bus.  Here we are on the bus ride.  I found out that my hat didn’t fit anymore, so I had to use my Dad’s Birkie hat.

I got a brownie with frosting for $2 at the starting line tent for some extra energy for the race.  It was delicious.  

We did a little warm-up ski and then we hung out by the big bonfire until the race started.  We saw a guy flying a drone and videotaping above the starting line. 

This is a picture of the starting line.  I was the third person in line in our wave.

This is a picture from one of the aid stations.

This aid station was at 6K and had a Margaritaville theme, complete with palm trees, twinkle lights and apple cider.

Here we are at the finish line.  I was super tired at the finish.

We dreamed about Pepsi, chili and soaking our muscles in the hotel hot tub all the way across the lake.  At the finish tent, we got the last of the chili and a hot dog, but there was no pop left.  Then we went back to the hotel and the hot-tub was lukewarm.  We had a really fun trip and I want to keep doing the race as long as I can.
Eli Campion
Age 8 – Danbury, WI

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Eli!!! Grandpa and Grandma are very proud of you. We wish we had some of your energy. Congratulations!