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2016 Cross-Country Skiing Junior Nationals

Andy Liebner of US Ski Pole Company sent me some awesome pics of the 2016 USSA Cross-Country Skiing Junior Nationals. As you can see from the above picture, it was a warm day with limited snow. In fact, the snow shortage became so severe that events had to be postponed for a day to allow for shoveling and course work. Andy pitched in along with all the other skiing enthusiasts to help restructure the trails.
The overall impression was that the event organizers did a tremendous job managing to pull off a successful event without the cooperation of Mother Nature. There was, of course, rain and temperatures in the 30s and 40s. What usually happens in situations like these is the second the last skier has finished the last race, the snowflakes start to fall and you drive back to the airport through a blizzard. It's enough to make organizers pull their hair out.

The day of shoveling saved the event and the snow held up for the final races (it's always fun to race in short sleeve shirts).
Andy's big takeaway was that it was great to be at Telemark, the site of so much US cross-country skiing history. Sure, it's sad to see the building run down and deteriorating, but that doesn't change the fact that Telemark has been the venue of many great races. Telemark made its presence felt, and it was nice to have the Junior Nationals there.
Telemark represents American racing and it's neat to see a US ski pole brand set up a tent at that venue. Congratulations to all that participated! If you want to learn more about the USSA Cross-Country Skiing Junior Nationals, click here.

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