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Mammoth Gravel Classic Course Updates - fresh off of the courses!

The 4th annual Mammoth Gravel Classic is only a few days away now, and we want to keep you up to date with all of the pertinent details - up to the minute!   To get all of the latest updates, sign up for the event email list, and like the Facebook Event.  Below, you will find a photo montage taken out on the 70 and 100 mile courses yesterday, along with some commentary.  But first, following are a number of key reminders:
  • For full event info (who, when, fees or lack thereof, and course basics) go to the great event website at 
  • For literally every possible detail on each of the ride courses, including maps, que sheets, gps files, bike/tire recommendations, a literal mile by mile chronicle of each course, and dozens of photos, check out the COURSES PAGE on the event website.  
  • On event day, please DO NOT park on Main / Washington St.  Rather, park in the huge parking lots one block up the hill (east) from Cyclova XC, on the Thompson Parkway.  
  • Where to stay / what to eat:  Check out the EATS/DRINKS/LODGING page of the event website!  
  • Remember, this is a gravel adventure ride on open public roads - not a race, not a supported ride.  You MUST obey all traffic laws.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU.  You must be ready to navigate yourself on the course.  You must bring everything that you'll need to have a great day on your bicycle!  You must be ready for the unexpected - this is the whole point!  No one is coming to get you if you have problems on the course.  If you're wondering which ride is appropriate for you, check out the specific description of each on the COURSES PAGE.  
  • DON'T RIDE SKINNY TIRES if you're riding the 100 or 70 mile ride!  As is explained in great detail on each of the course profiles, you'll regret riding any tire narrower than a 40mm - really.   Swing on by Cyclova XC to talk tires with us if you have questions!  
  • Bring with some cash, so you can refuel / patronize some of the businesses (coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores) along the courses!
After spending Monday out on the courses, on Tuesday my friend Keith (fellow Woolly Bike Club board member) and I loaded up to do the remaining/final course inspection of the key gravel sections of the 100 and 70 mile course.  We packed with a few course marking supplies, bikes, and materials for an adventurous camp fire lunch! 

Sand is the theme of the gravel from miles 16.8 - 24.3 of the 70 and 100 mile courses.  Be prepared by riding a 40mm or wider gravel tire!
Two thumbs up from yours truly - the course is in perfectly rugged condition, with a literally perfect forecast for Saturday! 
On the 100 mile course, you'll find yourself surrounded by water (have you ever seen such blue water???), wet lands, and waterfowl for dozens of miles at a time!
After we completed the course inspection, we loaded up our fat bikes and explored some sweet trails on the bluffs of the rugged northern St. Croix River.  We stopped for a campfire, steaks roasted over a fire, and a few tasty beverages!  It was a great cap to a fantastic day in Mammoth Gravel Classic country! 

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