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Mammoth Gravel Classic - HWY 8 ROAD CONSTRUCTION/DETOUR & tips to make your weekend a success!

The 2016 Mammoth Gravel Classic is tomorrow - be prepared and and enjoy your adventure and weekend in St. Croix Falls!  Following are some tips that will ensure you have a great ride & weekend!  Photo Credit:  John Schletty
We are less than 24 hours away from the start of the 2016 Mammoth Gravel Classic.  Following are some important tips that will help ensure you have a great weekend - including an update on the Highway 8 road construction project (if you're driving up from the Metro area, this WILL affect your drive).  Above all - be cool, be respectful, obey the law, and HAVE FUN!
  • HWY 8 ROAD CONSTRUCTION & DETOUR:  Hwy 8 is being rebuilt just outside of Taylors Falls, MN.  All traffic is being detoured to cross the St. Croix River at the Osceola, WI (Hwy 243 Bridge).  Click HERE to view the MNDOT map of the detour.  If you're coming from the Metro area, take the following route:  Interstate 35 North, Hwy 97 East, Hwy 95 North, Hwy 2343 East (crossing into WI over the bridge), WI Hwy 35 North into St. Croix Falls (note taking this route will save you from following a 20 mile detour).  
  • Parking:  On event day, please DO NOT park on Main / Washington St.  Rather, park in the huge parking lots one block up the hill (east) from Cyclova XC, on the Thompson Parkway. 
  • Cyclova's doors open at 7AM for registration.  You'll need to sign a waiver (which makes you eligible for the HUGE SWAG DRAWING AT 4:30PM.  The rides will casually roll out from "The Overlook Park", one block north of Cyclova XC - overlooking the St. Croix River.

  • Familiarize yourself with the ride courses in advance - we provide extensive detail on each of the courses, as well as all of the navigational files on the official courses page of HEREHERE is an update on course conditions & tire recomendations from 3 days ago.  
  • The Mammoth Gravel Classic is not a race - or a supported ride.  All roads are open.  All riders must obey all traffic laws.  You are responsible for you - there are no aid stations or rider support on the course.
  • Eats / Drinks / Lodging:  For general info on our top local recommendations, check out the eats/drinks/lodging page of
  • Live Music & Festivities on Saturday night:  Stratocaster Disaster is playing, along with the Tippy Cup Championship of the World on Saturday night at the Dalles House Bar.  Enjoy the festivities & wish our friend Sarah a happy birthday!  Check out the Facebook event here!  Play it safe and plan on camping or staying in one of our local hotels which are right next to the Dallas House Bar (specifically the Dallas House Hotel and WI Interstate Park - for details, click HERE)

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