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YOU'RE INVITED: Lake Superior Adventures & Bike Maintenance Basics - Adventure & Tech Social Event #10 - 4/21/2016

Frank and riding companion David rode around Lake Superior - 1200 miles in 11 days of riding in 2003.  Hear the tale at the final Cyclova Adventure & Tech Social Event - on Thursday, 21 April, 2016!
YOU'RE INVITED:   Thursday, 21 April, 2016 at 6PM is the 10th & final installment of Cyclova's 2015-2016 Adventure & Tech Social Series - and you don't want to miss it!  This week's event focuses on Truly Epic Lake Superior adventures and bike maintenance & repair basics!  Refreshments & snacks will be served free of charge!
Cyclova's Adventure & Tech Social Series is a fun way to get to know fellow outdoor enthusiasts, hear of (and see photos & videos of epic adventures), and learn the tech side of cool new gear.  Snacks and beverages are always served - free of charge.
Where:  Cyclova XC in downtown, St. Croix Falls, WI
When:  Thursday, 21 April, 2016 
Following is the program:
Adventure:  This is a Great Lakes focused double header on the adventure side of things!
First, Amy Middleton (local business owner and silent sports enthusiast) will share tales of her epic 1000 mile kayak journey on Lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan, followed by Frank Lundeen presenting his 1200 mile bike packing trip around Lake Superior - in 11 days of riding.  
Tech:  Due to popular demand, Frank Lundeen will present "bike maintenance basics".  This presentation will focus on tire inflation, drivetrain care, fixing a flat tire out on a ride, and other basic bicycle repairs.  Don't miss this chance to learn to care for your bicycle & learn to be self sufficient while out cycling!  
For the full scoop & schedule on the entire 2015-2016 Cyclova Adventure & Tech Social Series, CLICK HERE.  

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