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2016 Sasquatch Dash #1 Results and Report

Race Recap

Here we go again folks.  We just kicked off our fourth season of Sasquatch Dashing.  Hard to believe that we have been doing this that long already.  Way back in the day this series was the vision of Ben Jonjak and Dallas Wynne.  It wasn't that there wasn't plenty of excellently run races in the area, there certainly are.  The vision was really a hybrid of a race and a training run with friends.  An excuse to go run hard without the expense of a race.  I'd say we still meet that vision today.

We started the morning gathering at CyclovaXC, signing waivers and visiting.  Shortly before 9:00 we gave the course description and pre-race speech (you hopefully won't get too lost, you are DQ'd if you get run over, we haven't lost anyone yet, have fun, sign the clipboard, etc)

Moments after 9:00 the race was on with a record 30 human participants and 2 K9 participants.  We had quite a few regulars and some fresh faces making up the participants.  What a great start to the season!

The course was a variation on past year's openers running from the Overlook to Lion's Park and Wert Preserve.  This time instead of doing the cloverleaf of out and backs in Wert we did a pair of out and backs that included the Mindy Creek section of the Ice Age.  I'm not sure how other feel about the out and back sections but I always really enjoying seeing the other runners and having a chance to "cheer" them on depending on the amount of breath I have available at the moment.

The course in green.  It measured out for me at 5.2 miles.

Without further ado, lets get to the results.  On the ladies side we had a great group of women participating.  Starr was excited to take an early lead in the series.  And no, before Jeff Wolf says anything, this was not preferential treatment from the race director.  Katie's time is totally made up as she and Ben Jonjak jogged/walked part of the course as they were "warming up" for the Eau Claire Marathon on Sunday.  We would absolutely like to encourage more of this type of behavior.  Don't feel like you are fast enough, don't want to go the full distance, or have something else coming up you are tapering for?  Come on out anyhow.

Ladies results from 2016 Dash #1
On the men's side we had a little shake-up with our normal leaders getting off to a slower than usual start.  Alex just started running a couple of weeks ago and Greg was less than a week post clavicle rebuild surgery.  I expect things to heat up at the next race.  Ben get's the same made up time as Katie.  Paul had commitments (apparently his daughter's college didn't check with us or the Woolly before scheduling graduation this weekend) and he got out early and ran an approximation of the course with a few bonus miles WAY earlier than we ran.  I picked his time including the bonus miles from Strava and gave him a participation point for being with us in spirit.

Men's results from 2016 Dash #1
Next Race

There was a little confusion at the post race announcement.  City of Trails is NOT the next race of the series.  City of Trails is the third race, so still go sign up.  I'm personally in for the half marathon.  The course is going to be awesome.

Sasquatch Dash #2 will be Satruday May 21st.  I will get the course published and Facebook event created more than 24 hours in advance this time.

Mullin's Personal Race Report

And now what I know everyone is waiting for (my Mom for sure, maybe not the rest of you), my personal race report.

On the drive over in the morning I wasn't at all sure I wanted to run hard.  The thought of hurting just wasn't very appealing.  Remember, as an endurance athlete, I actually kind of like suffering during an activity.  It's a defect endurance athletes understand.

I've been doing a better job of warming up before events in the past, but hanging out before hand and giving the pre-race spiel that wasn't really an option this time.  The walk between CyclovaXC and the Overlook was going to have to do it.

Things started off pretty relaxed.  I chatted with Alex for a minute or so to hear about his new minimal training strategy.  I made a gamble at that point to leave Alex behind and bridge up to Steve Clark who had made probably a 30 meter gap on us.  Steve and I ran semi-conversationally all the way to Wert.  Conversation started getting shorter, for me at least, as we climbed to the pond.

As we turned around I was reminded that Steve can descend like the wind.  It was almost like he was falling straight down the hill.  It was all I could do to keep him from getting completely away from me.

I manged to pull him back in as we started to climb the Mindy Creek Ice Age Trail.  My participation in the conversation continued to be reduced to very short statements or questions.  As we hit the turn around I knew Steve was about to descend away from me again.  I managed to keep it close until the last gradual slope back to the main trail in Wert.  Steve managed to open a gap of about 30 meters or so.  I was starting to get a side ache and couldn't quite keep it close even though I wanted to.

That was enough to mentally break me and I couldn't find a gear on the road back to the Overlook to close the gap down.  The 30 meter gap was pretty constant all the way back.  It certainly wasn't for a lack of effort though as the last mile was the fastest of the whole race.

Mullin's What's Next

Assuming my hand gets better (sigh, still not a very good mountain biker), it is the Strada Fango on Sunday May 8th, then Almanzo Royal on Saturday May 14th, and then Sasquatch Dash #2 on May 21st.

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