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2016 Sasquatch Dash #2 Results and Report

Race Recap

We had another great day and a great turn out this past Saturday for the second installment in this years Sasquatch Dash series.  We had 25 people show up to race plus 3 more who got out early in the morning to run before other commitments.

A great turn out.  Tammi was taking the picture.
While I joke before most of the races as I describe the course that we lose someone every time, I think we had a new record this time.  Normally I'll use race director discretion to make minor corrections to the few instances of "alternate course" selection.  This time I am at a bit of a loss for what to do since I'm reasonably certain over half of the field took an alternate course.  I don't think the total length was very different, but I can assure you running up Meadow Valley is substantially different than running up the road in terms of time.

While running I decided to throw down some stick arrows on the trail.  It sounds like a couple of people noticed them, but the majority of the runners missed them.  It was worth a shot.

A small sampling out of Strava of the alternate course selections.  Looks like someone went around the campground loop the other way.  The big deviation was running up the road instead of through the Meadow Valley Trail.

But, since this is a free event and entirely for fun (if you were hoping for a big prize at the end of the year sorry to disappoint you), what I have decided to do is award everyone who ran 10 points.  This is equal to the bonus for buying the t-shirt or points awarded for the City of Trails 10k (5 points for the 5k and 15 points for the half marathon).  This penalizes a few folks, but for most folks this is a bonus.

I might be convinced to go back to trying to mark the course if I think it might be particularly confusing.  The good news though is that our next event is the City of Trails race and Amy Klein is in charge of marking the course!

A special shout out to Conner and Jack.  Those guys have completed both series events this year which is HUGE.  Keep up the good work guys.

I hope everyone still had fun.  While racing and competing is fun, I do think the primary appeal of this series is that it is free, easy going, and just a good excuse to get out and run hard.

For what it is worth, here are the times as recorded.

Next Race

As previously mentioned, our next race we are piggy backing on the City of Trails Race.  You will get 15 points for finishing the half marathon, 10 points for the 10k, and 5 points for the 5k.  This is a great race that supports our local trails.  The rest of the series is free, but being the signature running event in the valley that supports the trails we feel this is definitely worth including.

So go sign-up today if you haven't already.

Mullin's Race Report

Well it wasn't much of a race.  I think I was feeling some cumulative fatigue from the Royal 162 the week before and I overdid it the night before trying to ride mountain bikes with a group of guys way beyond my skill level.  Not wanting to dig myself too big a hole for the rest of the summer my goal was to run like I was racing for a little bit and then just run hard.

I started out front with Greg and Tammi.  I even managed to chase Greg up Horizon Rock right until we got off the rocks and back onto gravel trail.  Then I had to walk.  I picked it back up again as Tammi passed me, but pretty soon I was all alone on the trail.

I decided to start throwing down stick arrows at the major intersections to hopefully keep people on the right course.  They were perfectly obvious to me as I put them down, but I can see how they might have just looked like sticks on the trail if you didn't know to look for them.

Tom Kelby caught me as we headed down into the group camp.  We struck up a short breath conversation as we headed down to the Lake O' The Dalles.  Just before we got to the beach Cory Pratt had been stealthily sneaking up on us, but scuffed his foot on the gravel giving away his position.

As I threw another stick arrow down around the beach shelter a few more guys passed me hot on the heels of Cory.  This got me back in race mode a little bit more and I had to push pretty hard to catch back up to Cory as we started the major climb on Meadow Valley.  Tom ran into some friends on the trail and stopped to talk.  That's what I'm talking about with these "races".

I managed to keep my effort level reasonably high on the push all the way back to CyclovaXC and the clipboard.  In the end I had a couple of stretches of VO2Max type effort and a good chuck of tempo effort.  I was definitely tired the rest of the afternoon.  I'm looking forward to being a little smarter in the prep for City of Trails and getting my full race on.

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