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Ice Age Trail Work in Zillmer Park


Hi Sasquatchers, City of Trail Runners, and all other Cyclova XC Ice Age Trail users.

If you have been out on the trails this spring you probably noticed that there are some sections in Zillmer Park that have been pretty wet.  A few of us Sasquatcher's had thrown around the idea of doing some trail work to help improve the trail.

To that end I reached out to Dean Dversdall, the head of the Indianhead chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance.  Great news!  They were already in the planning stages of a project to make the improvements.

Here is where you come in, they could use some help with the actual construction.  They are starting this Wednesday with the goal of completing the project before the City of Trails race in June.  See the information below and help out if you can.

I personally hope to make it out Friday afternoon if they are still working.  Darn that whole day job thing to help more.

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