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Luminaries Retreat Hosts Memorial Day Weekend 3-Day Retreat

Hey Everyone!

There is a really fun retreat coming up in St. Croix Falls. Spending time running, biking and skiing is great for your health, but nutrition is the other half of fitness and a retreat like this can really provide a jump-start to a much healthier life.

Luminaries Retreat is hosting a 3 day wellness retreat over Memorial Day Weekend. The retreat is called "Healthy Living on a Budget." Activities, hand-prepared delicious food, babysitters for the young ones while the adults or older kids bike, hike, and exercise together, 5-6 hours of seminars led by Amy Sotis, nutritionist, and certified fitness instructors. Singles: $250 each, Couples: $475 for both, Families of 3: $500, Families of 4: $525, Families of 5: $550. Book through website. Prices go up May 4th! Booking closes May 21.

Make sure to check out the web page if you have any questions. Spread the word, there's always something amazing to do in St. Croix Falls!

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