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Seven Lakes Half Marathon Race Report

The 2nd Seven Lakes Half Marathon took place last Saturday and it was a perfect day! This is a great little event that is good for the community and serves to showcase the wonderful, non-motorized Stower Seven trail. All proceeds from this event go to help preserve and maintain the trail, so this the kind of thing I like to help promote. Remember, you get 5 points in the Sasquatch Dash Series for running this marathon, so if you did it, please send your name to me ( and I'll make sure you get your points!

I can't seem to get Katie to wear Cyclova orange, she tells me I need to get a Cyclova shirt with a shark on it, so maybe I'll do that.

I have to admit that I suffered during this half. I think the problem is that I've been trying to eat healthy this week and every other time I've tried that it has nearly killed me. Perhaps having run a marathon a week ago has something to do with it too, although I've doubled up marathons before and not felt quite this bad.

Katie and I were discussing how sometimes you're doing a run and you're going along fine and then...BOOM...the legs stop working. It's like the gears slip and the fastest you can manage is a 13 minute mile. A lot of this is mental because it's easier to push through the pain when you've got a chance at getting a PR. However, if you're already off a decent pace at the halfway point sometimes it's best to just downshift and enjoy the day.

I think it's funny how it doesn't matter if it's a half marathon or a full marathon, you suffer at the halfway point. I got to just over mile 5 when I ran into Tammi. Tammi physically stopped on the trail, "I'm done, this hurts!" she said. Then she kicked it back in and went on to win the women's race.
Photo by William Johnson--Don't look back Tammi...just win!
I also saw Tough Greg a second later who was running this despite having surgery on his broken collar bone about a week ago. He finished around 1:33, and fortunately I remembered not to slap him on the back to congratulate him (I get excited when people do well). 

The race was out and back this year instead of point to point and I prefer it that way. It makes it so much easier for the race organizers because they don't have to spend money on buses, and they only need half as many aid stations. Also, it's fun to see the other competitors come back down the trail. 

This race also offered a very nice medal and T-shirt. This is the kind of thing that keeps you coming back year after year:
I hobbled in with a time you needed a calendar to measure and it's always nice when people are still waiting around for you. Sadly, I had to jet off and couldn't enjoy a beer with the team because I had to get to Cyclova for the day. However, I might as well have stuck around for the beer because I was pretty worthless at work (even more than normal). The temperature was only 65, but Starr mentioned that it was so dry you could end up deceptively dehydrated, and I think that was the case. Fortunately somebody left some crackers under the desk and I was able to nurse myself back to health.

Next up is the Grantsburg Triathlon and the Almanzo 100.  I probably won't be doing either of those events, so I'm relying on you guys to share your adventures!  See ya!
Photo by William Johnson

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