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2016 Sasquatch Dash #3 (City of Trails) Results and Report

Race Recap

This one is easiest one for me.  I get to point people to the City of Trails race and let Amy Klein do all the hard work.  Again, the essence of the Sasquatch series is the no frills and no barrier to entry aspect.  It is pretty hard not to support the City of Trails though as the premier event in town with the proceeds from the very inexpensive race all going to support those trails we enjoy at every other Sasquatch Event.

Amy pulled off another great event this year.  The weather was hot, but otherwise fabulous, the event premiered a new half-marathon and a modified 5k course, and the post race events around town for Wannigan Days made for a fantastic day.

Being an open race this was another special scoring event.  15 points for the half marathon, 10 points for the 10k and 5 points for the 5k.  20 points if you rocked being the race director for the event.

So here are the points for the event.  If I missed you please drop us a note and we'll get you added.

Next Race

Our next Sasquatch is going to be Saturday July 2nd.  Yup, that is Fourth of July weekend.  Hopefully you will be around for the holiday weekend.  I've got some initial thoughts on the course.  I think it should be a "good one".  Stay tuned.

Mullin's Race Report

I knew this was going to be a tough one the moment I walked out the door in the morning.  I would rather race at 5 below zero than 80 and humid.  I guess that is why I like skiing so much.  But this is June and a running race so I just have to deal.  Because of the heat I opted to carry a water bottle.  There was plenty of water on course but I like to sip and I also dumped a little water on my head and back ever time I was heading into the sun to stay cool.

My poorly conceived goals for the race were to get in a good groove early and see if I couldn't stick near Greg and Tammi for a while.  Funny right?  Off the gun Greg and Tammi took off and I settled into a quick tempo somewhere around 4th place.  By the time we were headed south on the Interlink Trail though I knew I was in trouble.  I was seeing heart rates mid 170's which is threshold, run for an hour kind of effort level.  Not good for a half marathon.

I decided I needed to reign things in a bit so I didn't blow up.  So my HR was around 180 on the climb to the park.  Uh, oops.  I was trying not to blow up, honest.  I got passed by a few folks on the descent down Horizon Rock and the park road on our way to Ravine Trail.  I made sure not to give chase which I hope counts as trying to not go too hard.

The climb up Ravine Trail was tough.  I took my first power walking stretches here, again trying to keep the effort in check.  My calves were burning.  The folks who passed me just before starting Ravine were long gone by the top.

The run back up the paved trail towards Regal Park was rough.  There were stretches in the sun and the climb up from the Info Center was brutal.  I took several walking breaks in the shaded stretches.  I was getting a little worried that only 5 miles in the next 8 were going to be a death march.

Thankfully as I rounded the field at the Interlink intersection I started to feel a little better.  I actually felt like I could run and I wasn't bordering on blowing up.  My HR didn't seem to be coming down any but that was OK if I was feeling OK.  I thought I might be putting some distance on any chasers and maybe gaining on some folks ahead of me.  Post race analysis of Strava Flybys shows that wasn't really the case, but it was a mental boost in the race.

Once onto the 10k course again I just kept a steady pace.  I did walk up the steep section on the other side of Fairgrounds Road.  I got a good recovery on the descent to Oregon.  I felt pretty good until I hit Zilmer Park.  There my legs started to remind me that I really haven't been doing enough running lately and they started to feel heavy and I wasn't terribly nimble on my feet through the rocks.

I started to think about my finish time here and I thought getting under 2 hours was still a possibility but I needed to stay on the gas.  The descent down Mindy Creek was ok though I was still not feeling very agile and I couldn't really let it rip and have gravity help me.  I knew the last 2 miles weren't going to be technical so hopefully the pace could increase some.

As I entered Lion's Park I figured I needed to run somewhere around an 8:40 mile for the rest of the race to break 2 hours.  It seemed doable, but it wasn't going to be comfortable.  Mile 12 was an 8:57 so I ate into my margin a little bit and I was worried as I got onto Hamilton I wasn't going to quite get there.

Somehow I managed to gut out an 8:03 mile and crossed the line in 1:58:15.  I was pretty happy with the finish and was pretty spent at the end.

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