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2016 Sasquatch Shirts are IN!

Hey Sasquatch Dashers!

The 2016 shirts are in. Sorry for the delay on that, our supplier always does a great job with the quality of these Ts, but they were overwhelmed with orders lately. They do the shirts for Gandy Marathon, Grantsberg Tri and the Solstice Chase (we always get rave reviews on the shirts).

If you pre-ordered, the price is $10. There are a couple extras for late comers, those are $15. Once we distribute the pre-orders we'll make the rest available. The shirts are behind the front desk so just come in and ask for them!

Again, our next Sasquatch race is the City of Trails race. Choose from the 5k, 10, or Half Marathon. See you there, and swing by Cyclova after!


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