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2016 Sasquatch Dash #4 Results and Report

Race Recap

We had another fantastic turnout on the 4th of July holiday weekend for our fourth installment of our Sasquatch Dash series.  I promised a race that would mirror your fireworks experience, going straight up, exploding, and then coming down.  Over and over again.  From what I hear, I think the course delivered.

This time Sasquatch even got out and marked the course the evening before the race.  It didn't completely prevent missed turns, but it came a lot closer.  I think we will keep this practice up for future events.  Next time Sasquatch needs to bring something to wash his hands with though.

On the ladies side we had a little lower than normal turn-out this time.  Just Tammi, Starr, and Bekah (getting double miles for summer CC training I hear).

On the men's side, Greg was off the front, never to be seen again after turning onto the Esker.

Now that we are four races into the series the overall scoring is starting to take shape.  Remember that you score your top 4 races plus any bonus points.  So starting next race some people may start throwing lower points so things will get mixed up.

As one might expect, Tammi is leading the women's field.  Starr is keeping her honest.  I don't think we have had any ladies race all four races yet though so they are still running on straight up accumulated points next time.

Note: Updated from the original posting to include the Stower Seven Lakes Half bonus points.

On the men's side, I get to ride Greg's busted collar bone one more race.  And I really only get to ride that because of the straight participation points awarded for the second race instead of straight finisher points.  He clearly beat the snot out of me that day, but unless something happens to him in the next two races he should come out on top so I'm not too worried about it.  After adding in the Stower Seven Lakes Half bonus points, Greg is comfortably sitting in first place.  He'll have to stop showing up to put that in real jeopardy.  Cory, David, and Jeff could have a good throw down for third place.

Note: Updated from the original posting to include the Stower Seven Lakes Half bonus points.

Next Race

The penultimate event will be August 6th.  The last two years we have run a predicted finish/reverse start style event.  I'm leaning away from that for this year.  It only really works if we run one of the previous courses.  I'd prefer to pick yet another course for the next event.  If there are folks that really want to do the reverse start I will entertain a petition.

Mullin's Race Report

I was anything but tapered for this event.  I was finally feeling some pop on Wednesday's sprint ride so I had given that a good effort.  Then Cory, Adam, and I had a little 2+ hour kayak, run, bike grudge match race on Thursday evening since I can't defend my title at the St. Croix Fat Cat next Saturday.  I was pretty tired jogging the hills on Friday evening marking the course but was hoping I'd feel a little better Saturday morning.

Thankfully things felt OK Saturday morning with the exception of some ridiculously tight hamstrings.  I had a downed tree to remove and for whatever reason deadlifting just a little bit of weight leaves me knotted up like crazy.  It didn't hamper my running though, just left me a little concerned about pulling something, which also thankfully didn't happen.

Greg took the group out.  By the time we hit Illinois he was 2/3 of the way up the hill while I was in a group with Steve Clark, Tammi, and Alex.  By the time we hit the Esker Greg was out of sight and Steve was starting to pull a little gap.  We held that order until just before exiting the Community trails.  Steve had a quick stop and I pulled into second place.

I could hear Steve and Tammi and perhaps one other just a few seconds back from me all the way up the Interlink trail and into the next stretch of single track.  I kept pushing my effort trying to maintain a little bit of a gap.  As we hit the Ice Age trail again I suddenly didn't hear anyone anymore.  Turns out Steve missed the turn and ended up down in the parking lot on Fairgrounds.  That may have been one of the trickiest corners since despite marking the trail myself the evening before I also just about missed the corner.

Really starting to feel the burn running across the road past the middle school towards the community trail again I took a quick peak back to see who was coming behind me.  I could see Tammi and Kevin Rogers probably 15 to 20 seconds back.  Eek.

As soon as I turned onto the Community Trail I upped my effort hoping to "get out of sight out of mind".  I may have increased the gap a little bit, but not too much.  As we headed down Kentucky I took another glance back to see Kevin with a little gap on Tammi.  I figured Kevin could close pretty well so I let loose as best I could down to the Esker and powered up the hill as best I could.

I was expecting to hear footsteps behind me at any point, but managed to hold onto my 20 second gap all the way to the finish.  I'm pretty happy with the effort.

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