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Preliminary Report from SaddleDrive 2016 - !A first peak at 2017 Salsa Bike Line!

High atop the mountains above Lake Tahoe, Cyclova XC is looking to the future of bicycles - Salsa and a whole lot more.  This was the view from Sunday night dinner & happy hour!
Late Summer is a time that I savor - it offers the best riding of the year (other than the amazing groomed singletrack of Winter), as well as the opportunity to look forward to the coming year.  Currently I'm high atop the mountains above Lake Tahoe, CA - at one of the bike industry's premier events known as Saddledrive!  Here, I'm identifying the trends, ideas, and products that make sense in the St. Croix Valley cycling community (and far beyond) - and bringing world class expertise to Cyclova XC!

The Zephyr Lodge - at the top of Northstar Resort was an epic kickoff to Saddledrive - QBP's exclusive opportunity for the nation's top bike shops to get the first look at next year's product!
Northstar Resort and these mountains offer an epic venue for this event - and it kicked off on Sunday night with happy hour & dinner high atop a mountain.  I'll admit this was the first time I've ever "commuted" to dinner by taking a gondola followed by a ride on a chair lift to the top of a mountain!  It was atop this mountain at the Zephyr Lodge that I enjoyed connecting with a few hundred of my bike industry friends - wetting my appetite for checking out all kinds of sweet new products, and then riding any new bikes that my heart desired!

Commuting to dinner on a gondola was a new one for this Midwesterner!

This morning I had the pleasure of seeing the entire 2017 Salsa product line - checking out every bike in the flesh!

Most of my day today was spent carefully looking at the full Salsa 2017 product line in tremendous detail.  I had the pleasure of meeting with several close friends who are Salsa Engineers, Product Managers, and athletes fresh off of the Tour Divide Race.  In the end, today was a huge part of shaping what Cyclova XC will look like this coming Winter and Summer 2017!

If you haven't already seen YOU can check out the full 2017 Salsa bike line today as well on the Salsa Website CLICK HERE!  Check out all of the awesomeness, and comment below on what tickles your fancy (there's a whole lot that tickles my fancy).  I'm particularly blown away by many of the new models / relevant categories of bikes - as well as some of the incredibly affordable prices on many models.  The Salsa 2017 product line is a most exciting example of the "trickle down" technology & more bang for the buck than ever that we talk about at Cyclova XC all of the time!

Also this morning, I enjoyed getting the full scoop and story on the entire 2017 Salsa product line - straight from the full Salsa team of Managers, Engineers, Designers, and sponsored riders!
I'm off to another mountain top dinner now - check back at for another much more detailed product report from SaddleDrive 2017!

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