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Wednesday Night Sprints Update

Hey folks, we've been going for six weeks now with the Wednesday night sprint rides.  There has been a steady handful of regulars and a nice rotating cast of other participants.  The group has ranged from 5 to 11 riders.

We had quite the crew this past week with a bunch of strong riders.  This is a no drop ride, so I will ride herd on the big guns and make sure they cool their jets between sprint segments to let everyone regroup.

A few things to keep in mind that will make your experience a lot more fun though:

1)  The full ride is 33.5 miles in length and we cover that ground in about 2 to 2.5 hours.  That means the overall average speed has been 14 to 16 mph.  We typically spend a few minutes catching our breaths between sprints so figure on the moving speed being a bit higher.

2) We frequently have folks peel off for home after the fifth sprint.  This makes the ride about 27 miles and you miss the last big hills.  No one will think less of you if you join us for the first 5 and opt for the quick way home.  It has often been some of the strongest riders taking that option.

3) A road bike is highly recommended.  We have had a few folks ride on mountain bikes, but that is a very big challenge and I would only recommend it for the very strongest riders among us.

4) Learn to ride in a group!  This is one of the best parts of the ride.  Here is just one suggested video from online on some recommendations.  The big things are to maintain a safe distance from the rider in front of you, be smooth and controlled in any changes, keep your hands on your brakes at all time, and keep your attention ahead of you.  I wouldn't worry about the rotating pace line parts.  We aren't very good at it!  Plus, lets make the big dogs work.  There is ZERO shame in sitting in and getting pulled along.  I do it all the time and it makes a huge difference in the level of effort.  We have all level of riders here so feel free to ask questions about group ride etiquette.

Group rides are weather permitting.  If thunderstorms, heavy rain, or other dangerous weather are expected the rides will be cancelled with notice on the CyclovaXC blog by noon the day of.

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