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Skull-N-Bones Free Gravel Ride This Saturday, September 24th!

Hey Folks!
One of the great Gravel riding events of the season is coming up this Saturday, September 24th in Bruce, WI! It is The Skull-N-Bones Gravel challenge which is run by our buddy Chris Locke! Chris does a tremendous job putting together a very tough course. Believe me when I tell you that the hills around Bruce are no joke!

For those of you who are interested, here are the Garmin Connect links for the various courses:

Camping, etc., is available, just check out the Facebook Page or Group. Chris is also happy to answer questions so contact him directly. Here's Chris's official announcement from his page:

Skull-N-Bones III details September 24th.

Registration and cue sheet pick up starts at 6:00 AM at the Bruce fire hall 829 N Blackburn St. Bruce WI on the morning of the event.

Start time: mass roll out "ALL COURSES" at 8:00 AM


There is a gas station on the 100 mile course with everything you could want in Birchwood. It is at about 70 miles on the course. All the courses are difficult so be prepared to be on your own for your chosen distance. That being said you may see me on the course at some random time with some refreshments but don't count on it. It may not come at the right time for you or at all.'s a bike ride with a pirate theme, do I really have to sell this all that hard?  See you on the gravel!

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