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Beat the Dark and Solon Springs Ride on Nov. 5 and 6!

Hey Folks!
Mike Colaizy is leading a free 100 mile ride on the Gandy from the Polk County Information center (on 8 and 35) to Danbury and back before dark. This ride traditionally happens on the first day after daylight saving time expires and early darkness sweeps across our land. Sunset on November 6th is 4:55 with last light around 5:15. This is challenging but doable for experienced cyclists. 8 hours of riding with 1 hour of food and rest stops would require an average speed of 12 mph to “beat the dark.” It’s an out and back so all participants can cut the ride short and return whenever they want.

Be sure to indicate you're coming on the Facebook Event!

This is going to be the last great century ride of the 2016 season!

On Saturday that same weekend is the great Solon Springs 100k/50k hosted by the legendary Patrick Ross. I see no reason for riders to not do BOTH of these rides!

After this, put 'em away and dig out the fat bikes and cross-country skis!

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