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Centuria’s Baker Orchard Welcomes Cyclocross Bike Racing Sat., Oct. 8

How about those apples? Centuria’s Baker Orchard Welcomes Cyclocross Bike Racing Sat., Oct. 8

CENTURIA—Baker Orchard will be hosting their 8th annual Minnesota Cycling Federation Donkey Cross Bike Race Sat. Oct. 8, with the first event rolling off at 10:00 a.m.

Hundreds of riders from all over the Midwest will be challenged by a typical cyclocross course, with barricades, run ups, mud, water, and sand every lap, making this race great for spectating and photo opportunities.

Relatively new as a bike racing format in the United States, cyclocross racing has been a signature fall finish to the bike racing season in Europe for years. Long before mountain bikes started to appear in the United States in the early 80’s as a way to enjoy biking off-road, the crafty Europeans took their road bikes, fitted them with wider tires having an aggressive tread, and went out in the countryside racing on varied terrain courses.

The bikes have now been further improved with brake designs that work better when wet, and more clearance between the tires and the frames when the mud builds up. All the major brands offer cyclocross specific models.

The courses are set up with barricades that require riders to dismount and carry their bike over them, steep uphill sections that must be climbed on foot carrying the bike, and sometimes include a section through a tent filled with spectators. Riders make several laps of the course, going through the feature sections every few minutes, so watching the races is easy and action packed.

A perfect day for a cyclocross race in Belgium would have about 4 inches of wet snow on the un-frozen ground, and by the third lap it would be a mud bog, but, the weather in Centuria will be dry and warm next weekend.

Baker Orchard will be open as usual with all their fall specialties, and yes, there will be apples.

To check out an event poster with detailed start times and registration information visit: look for the calendar and click Donkey Cross.


--Polk County Tourism Council

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