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Cyclova XC 2016 Ski Season Kick Off "TEAM NIGHT" - !!THURSDAY NOVEMBER 10TH!!

ABR (Ironwood, Michigan), a favorite getaway among Cyclova skiers, with a stellar trail system groomed to perfection -  photo taken December 2015.
The air is buzzing around Cyclova XC - buzzing in anxious anticipation of Winter, snow, and all things good! 

We want to kick off this ski season in a big way, the Cyclova way! All customers sporting Cyclova XC team wear (and those who might be interested in purchasing some) are invited to join us for a fun, action packed evening on Thursday, November 10th!  Pizza & refreshments will be provided, there will be presentations, and there will be DEALS (on this one night only)!

RSVP (to help us get a head count for food and beverages) and be a part of the anticipatory conversation at the Facebook Event.

Steve Edling, David Leske, and Duane Lee enjoy a sunny winter day on skis
Team Night Event Schedule (Thursday, November 10):
6:00PM:  Team night starts - Pizza & refreshments will be provided
6:10 - 6:40PM:  Frank Lundeen, Cyclova XC co-owner presents new products & product highlights of the 2016-17 ski season. 
6:40PM - 8PM:  Cyclova XC Staff and reps from select ski vendors on hand to help Team Cyclova members with their race xc ski product needs.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS:  EXTRA SPECIAL PRICING on select products is available this one night only (no exceptions) - and you must be a Cyclova XC ski team member with Cyclova ski gear (ski suit or jacket) to qualify.  Specific discounts and specials (up to 60% off of MSRP) will not be announced until this night at the event - and will include skis, poles, apparel and wax.  Many of the specials will be a one time, special order, pre-paid basis only. 
Note that the team discounts offered at this one time team night are too steep to publish, but know that discounts will be double the normal team discount or greater - in short you don't want to miss out on this - and this is the time to stock up for the season!  We will require cash or check payment to get these maximum discounts.  

Not on the team?  Know that WE WANT YOU!  We want you to be part of the most fun ski team out there!  We practically invented the concept of a "fun citizen ski team" - and we do it well.  Since day one, Cyclova XC has simply been about HAVING FUN and BUILDING COMMUNITY around our sports.  Skiers of any level, any age, any gender, and with ties from anywhere in our region are welcome - as long as your focus as a skier is to have fun!  To join the team simply contact us or stop by the store and order yourself a ski suit or warm-up jacket!
Cyclova Green Machines: (R-L) Duane Lee, David Leske, Mike Colaizy, Tony Lushanko, Tommy Krenz, and Steve Edling celebrating post-race at the 2015 Noquemanon Ski Marathon

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