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2016 Solstice Chase Race Course Update - 11/30/2016

The 2016 Solstice Chase will feature the Dalles House Bar/Lounge as the start/finish venue, and will ride the famed Woolly Bike Club's Groomed Singletrack!
We are 2.5 short weeks away from the 2016 Solstice Chase - and we're getting stoked!  Stoked to hang out with hundreds of our closest fat biking friends, stoked to race on some of the sweetest Groomed Singletrack on the continent (thanks Woolly Bike Club), stoked to have a sweet new start/finish venue (thanks Dallas House Bar and Lounge), all while hoping for a sweet white blanket of snow here in Solstice Chase country! 

As Fat Bikers are always at the mercy of Mother Nature, below I'll review certain things that I can guarantee about this year's race course - and other things that will remain up in the air until 48 hours prior to the event start (as we all must wait to see what Mother Nature does for race day)...

First, I'll highlight what we can guarantee of the 2016 Solstice Chase event course:
Fact:  The race will start and finish at the Dalles House Bar and Lounge - at the intersection of Hwy's 8 and 35 in St. Croix Falls, WI.
Fact:  Racers will enjoy some of the sweetest Groomed Singletrack on the planet - thanks to the trail ferries of the Woolly Bike Club!
Fact:  Each race will be begin with a .9 mile gradual climb to stretch each field out prior to hitting singletrack.
Fact:  There will be very frequent opportunities to pass other riders throughout the entire course.

Next, I'll acknowledge certain things that won't be determined until the day prior to the Solstice Chase:
TBD:  The amount of snow on the ground will affect the race course.  If there is little or no snow, each lap will be longer than indicated on the above map (thus the title saying "tentative").  Specifically, if there is little or no snow, there will be both more singletrack and more time on rails to trail type trails.  
TBD:  The actual race distances, and number of laps for both the long and short races will be announced in the 48 hours leading up to the race.
TBD:  In the 48 hours leading up to the race, we will publish extremely detailed course updates - including photos, tips, and tire/air pressure recommendations.

Prepare to shred some sweet Woolly Bike Club Groomed Singletrack at the 2016 Solstice Chase!  Photo Credit:  45NRTH

Join us this Saturday for Global Fat Bike Day!

Hey Fat Bike Enthusiasts,  the Woolly Bike Club has figured out a great way to celebrate Global Fat Bike Day this Saturday without undermining the Woolly singletrack trails in St. Croix Falls! And it might be just as exciting!  Due to the warm weather, the planned Global Fat Bike Day group ride has changed locations. Now we will be EXPLORING the Sand Barrens north of St. Croix Falls!
There are some great trails out there and with the amazing environmentally-forgiving sand surface it won't matter one iota if it's frozen or not!  Either way on a Fat Bike it equals FUN!


OVERVIEW:  This ride will be around 20 miles, and should take between 2 and 3 hours. The Woolly Bike Club is promoting this as both an unsupported and no-drop ride, with a casual pace, meaning there will be as many rest breaks as necessary. The course can be easily short-cut, or modified to keep within the 2-3 hour timeframe.

WHERE:  Meet at the Wolf Creek Bar in Wolf Creek WI at 9:00am.  The ride will get rolling as soon as everyone is ready but 9:15 at the latest. 

THE ROUTE: From the Bar, we'll explore snowmobile and horse trails over to the Trade River, then north along the Trade River to the Sterling Forest ATV area, then ride fire lanes and gravel roads to a rest spot at an old Ferry landing on the St. Croix River, then ride fire lanes and gravel back to Wolf Creek Bar where hot food and ice cold beverages await!

THE FINE PRINT: There aren't any facilities once we leave Wolf Creek, so be sure bring enough water, snacks, and everything else you might need to get yourself out of a pickle!

Hope to see you Saturday at 9!

Howlin' Wolf Creek Bar
2387 River Rd, Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024-7840


Cyclova Adventure & Tech: Dan Woll Presents 'Further,' Thur. Dec 8!

Hey Folks!

CyclovaXC is pleased to announce that Thursday Adventure and Tech night is BACK! We're putting together the complete schedule which will be posted shortly. For now circle your calendar for Thursday, December 8th at 6PM because Dan Woll, author of North of Highway 8, is coming to discuss his new novel Further.

Many of you already know Dan as a regular contributor to Silent Sports (he supplied a cover image not too long ago). He's also done the occasional post for the CyclovaXC blog. This year, when Greg broke his collarbone at the Mammoth Gravel Classic, Dan Woll stuck around to defend him from a pack of ravenous wolves, fending them off with nothing but a tire iron and a six pack of Hamm's. Then Dan offered Greg the shirt off his back and carried him into urgent care to demand the best care Western medicine can provide. (All of that is mostly true, except that Greg is so darn tough nobody could carry him, and he wouldn't get off his bike, and really I just drank the Hamm's...and there were no wolves, but it's still a good story, and other than those small exaggerations it's all true).

Dan also completed the "Beat the Dark" ride with the Cyclova crew a few weeks ago, so chances are you know who he is. He's a great storyteller and we know you'll be excited to hear about his new book.

In addition to Dan, there will be a spectacular adventure tech presentation, beverages, and overall just an awesome time. All for the bargain price of FREE! Again, here are the details:

Thursday, December 8th at 6 PM
Dan Woll, celebrated local author + Adventure Tech Presentation

Check out Dan's new book on Amazon here. Here is the back cover copy, see you on December 8th (there's a darn good endorsement from Walter Rhein down at the bottom, so read the whole thing)!

BRF Hosts Fat Bike Ride on Stower 7 This Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Hey Folks,
William Johnson forwarded this to me and I thought I'd pass it on. Meet some more fun local cyclists, and if you need to buy a Fat Bike, come by CyclovaXC!


If you do not have a FAT Bike yet, you have a short amount of time to pick one up so you can join us in proper style! Global Fat Bike Day is Saturday December 3rd and in BRF style we plan to celebrate. Now in the interest of Peace, Love, & Fairness since there is not a Global Roadie Day or MTB day..... We will welcome any bike you propose to ride on the Stower Seven Lakes Trail which is a cinder / light gravel packed surface.   This will be no drop, the intent here is a leisure ride celebrating the joy of fat bikes and chit chatting along the way.  A few of us did this last year and had a blast, so much fun in fact one of our resident vegetarians had a cheeseburger.  

The Trail:
The Stower Seven Lakes Trail is an old rail bed 14 miles end to end running from just west of Nye, WI to Amery, WI. As mentioned the surface is crushed rock and certainly can accommodate any tire in dry conditions. As the trail may be soft in spots we ask you to use your best discretion. And obviously in celebration of Global Fatness, bigger is better. 

The Place: Meet at UW Wanderoos (Bar) in Wanderoos, WI just off WI State Hwy 65 north of Star Prairie. Wanderoos is essentially the middle of the trail, has ample parking, is a great gathering place post ride for a celebratory beverage etc.

The Time:
We aim to depart UW Wanderoos at 12 Noon Saturday December, 3rd.

The Ride:
Leisure, chatty, & NO DROP. Spread the word, invite your friends, we'll take anyone even if they show up on a CX bike with white bar tape.   Did I mention no drop? By no means do we need to ride 6mph side by side lines, but keeping the group largely together will keep it fun for all.  Pre-ride if you need to burn off some crazy. First one back buys a round of beverages.

The Route:
So we are starting in the middle. While a little unorthodox, it works given parking and post ride opportunity for fun. We will hit the trail at Wanderoos and head towards Nye and on past at the end at 90th St. Heading back those who wish can cut short and stop at Wanderoos for 14 miles of fun. Otherwise continue on to Amery and back adding 14 more miles. 

Please let me know if you can make it so we know to expect you before we depart. Here's the Facebook Group.

Cyclova XC CLOSED on Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Cyclova XC will be closed on Black Friday - we'll be enjoying the outdoors with friends & family - you should be too!
NOTICE:  Cyclova XC will be CLOSED on Black Friday & Thanksgiving (November 24-25, 2016)

Cyclova XC was founded on the simple principles of having fun (though biking, xc skiing, and outdoor adventure) building community around those activities.  Because our amazing customers embrace these same ideals (they're enjoying the outdoors with friends & family over the holiday - not shopping), Cyclova is usually a lonely place on Black Friday.  We want our staff to be able to enjoy this same luxury - of enjoying the holiday with friends & family, all while on a fun outdoor adventure!  For this reason, Cyclova XC will be closed on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Our one requirement of staff enjoying the day off on Black Friday is that they take a few pictures of their outdoor adventure of the day and share with us a few words about it.  We'll be posting stories on each of our staff's Black Friday adventures right here on CyclovaXC.com!

We always look forward to seeing all of our great clients - while out on a ride, ski, run, or here in the store - perhaps we'll see you in the great outdoors on Black Friday!

Skiable Snow at ABR

Hey Folks!
The above is today's announcement from ABR trails in Ironwood Michigan. They historically are the first place to open with skiing available. Before making any plans to jet up there, be sure to check their web page here.

For me, the best part about skiing is making the drive up to distant places with friends to get a couple good days of early season training. If anybody elects to go to ABR in the upcoming weeks, please let me know!

See you on the snow!

Solstice Chase Fee Increase Approaching!

Hello Everyone!
The price for the 2016 Solstice Chase rises on 11/16/2016, so your last day to get in at $45 is quickly approaching. There are still 67 spots left, but this event is filling up FAST so get in now! Get on the horn with your friends and get them to register too!

Our mailer should be coming out within a couple weeks with exciting race day and lodging announcements. Remember that the race is on the Woolly Trails this year, and our start and finish area will be at the Dallas House. Plan to come early and stay late because we are planning on having a party!

Here are some lodging recommendations:
Phone Number (must reserve by phone to get special Solstice Chase rate - mention the Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race):  715-483-3206
Special Solstice Chase Room Rates:  
Single Bed Room:  $59.99
2 Bed Room:  $64.99
Use of pool, sauna, wifi, and breakfast included with room - not to mention the race start is right out the door, on-site parking, and easy next door access to post race festivities!
Holiday Inn Express 
Phone:  715-483-5775

This is a small business with a couple rooms. Check their web page for special offers.

Check here to see if you're registered. Note, this list was compiled on 2/13/2016 and may not include entrants who registered after that date. Alternatively, search your email for a confirmation email from zap events.

Also...I've heard whispers of snow in the forecast!

It's going to be awesome, see you at the Chase!

Eric's Marine Corps Marathon Recap

Marine Corps Marathon
Arlington VA and Washington DC
“I complained that my feet hurt, then I was passed by a runner who had no legs”  Eric T. Olson
    Fall Marathons are the best! I always look forward to the end of summer events with cooler temps, low humidity and fall colors. Marine Corps Marathon has been on my list for years. The lottery registration makes it a little tough to get into, but this was my year! And to cross the state of Virginia off of the list.
    I flew into Ronald Reagan Airport Friday evening and immediately hooked up with my Massachusetts friends. The three of us have conquered Marathons all across the country together. From mountains to huge cities, ocean shores to desolate desert, we’ve even run together in towns as small as 900 people. Nothing could ruin the friendships we’ve created and what the future holds.
    We checked into our hotel and immediately headed down to the lounge to get this trip started off the right way. The World Series was on the Big Screen, the piles of appetizers were served and the beers just kept flowing. As I've said before, these are the greatest times!
    The next morning came way to early but we were up and ready to hit the Race Expo and explore this great Historic City. This is another place I’ve never been to before. The Expo was a close walk from where we were staying so we checked into that as soon as it opened to try and beat the crowds. 30,000 runners to be exact! We got in and out in record time, then it was time to find our rental car and head downtown.
    If you’ve never been to DC before, you wouldn't believe the traffic... Probably comparable to New York City. Or maybe Los Angeles? If you’re planning a trip to DC, plan it out first and look into Metro Transit. The Trains will always be on time and traffic doesn’t effect them. We got downtown and tried to find a parking spot. Unfortunately that was almost impossible as well, our friend had us bail out and he drove several blocks away and found a Parking Ramp. 
    We started out at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It recently opened its doors for the first time just one month ago. There were crowds of people lined up to get in and the sidewalks all around it were full of people. We tried to get in but there was no tickets available. Next time for sure. We walked over to the Washington Monument and the Reflection Pool. To view the 500 plus foot structure up close is amazing! To think that it was started in the 1840’s (long before cranes) and halted several times during its construction from lack of funding, the Civil War and quarries running out of stone. The position of the Reflection Pool is perfect with the Lincoln Memorial placed on the other end. We visited the WWII Memorial which was special to be as both my Grandfathers served in that war as Marines. We went from there to the Vietnam Wall and then the Korean War Memorial. This was all interesting to me and very touching.
    We then headed to the Downtown IMAX Theater and watched the latest release of the National Parks Adventure. It was excellent and a good way to stay off of our feet for an hour or so. We followed the movie up with a nice dinner at the District Chophouse. Piles of Calamari Squid, Steamed Muscles and Tap IPA’s kept us happy before the main courses showed up. We always want to be well prepared for the Marathon!
      The next morning came with a 5am wake up, followed by coffee and doughnuts. The bus service to the Start Line was only a block away so we had no problem getting boarded on one of the nice Greyhounds. We got dropped of near Arlington VA. about an hour before Start time. This Marathon is known for it’s dramatic start. Large Military Helicopters flying over head, the Marine Corps Band playing the National Anthem and as some races use a Starting Pistol, this event gets going with two 105mm Howitzers.. BOOM!!!!!
    So we were off.. The crowded field of 30,000 runners started moving forward. Like cattle leaving the barn, you can only move as fast as the crowd. It was interesting to see the many Amputee Runners and Wheelchair Athletes. Everyone seemed to give them the space they needed. Kim, Bill and I made the agreement to stay together. “We start together, we finish together” she informed us. It was a good plan because this was also Bill’s last and final Marathon (he says) but we will see how he follows through with that. This was #118 for him by the way, he’s earned my respect.
    At about mile 10, we got to the Blue Mile. This a full mile of large individual photos on each side of the street honoring Solders killed in action. Thousands of them. It was incredible and all of the runners were completely silent as we passed through this area trying to hold back the tears. Each photo was on a “sandwich board” style pedestal and stated their name, death date and their age. Very very touching and important part of the Marathon.
    Shortly after the halfway point, the presidential helicopter Marine One flew past. Not sure if the President was actually on board, but we ended up seeing it 3 different times throughout the day. It was very close and really cool to see! Military personnel was everywhere and thousands of active duty Marines where on the course high-fiving the runners.
    The race course continued through all of the Monuments, the Jefferson Memorial, right past the Capital and also the Smithsonian Castle before heading back to the State of Virginia. Because this event starts and finishes in the same State, it counts as Virginia for the 50 States Marathon Club. At around mile 23 we ran past the Pentagon and then headed toward the finish at Arlington National Cemetery. The temps were almost reaching 80 degrees and it was time to be done! Our finish line photo couldn't have been at a better place, the Iwo Jima War Memorial. 
    It was another great day. Great running with friends that prove to stick together, even when one of us had to walk the last 2 miles (Eric T). This is one we will defiantly do again. Until then we will keep Living the Dream. Meeting up in interesting parts of our great nation competing in these crazy Marathons together. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cyclova XC 2016 Ski Season Kick Off "TEAM NIGHT" - !!THURSDAY NOVEMBER 10TH!!

Steve Edling, David Leske, and Duane Lee enjoy a sunny winter day on skis
Time is flying - and tomorrow night is already the Cyclova XC Ski Season Kick Off TEAM NIGHT!  This means that camaraderie & elbow rubbing with your ski racing buddies, pizza, and a one time opportunity to take big time advantage of special deals (up to 60% off some products) from the top Nordic companies out there!  For the full scoop on the event, check out the official blog post for the event HERE.  

RSVP (to help us get a head count for food and beverages) and be a part of the anticipatory conversation at the Facebook Event.

Team Night Event Schedule (Thursday, November 10):
6:00PM:  Team night starts - Pizza & refreshments will be provided
6:10 - 6:40PM:  Frank Lundeen, Cyclova XC co-owner presents new products & product highlights of the 2016-17 ski season. 
6:40PM - 8PM:  Cyclova XC Staff and reps from select ski vendors on hand to help Team Cyclova members with their race xc ski product needs.
Cyclova Green Machines: (R-L) Duane Lee, David Leske, Mike Colaizy, Tony Lushanko, Tommy Krenz, and Steve Edling celebrating post-race at the 2015 Noquemanon Ski Marathon

Beat the Dark 2016 Recap

In what was sure to be (for me) the final century of 2016, things couldn't have gone any better! About 40 people showed up to this event that we threw together with about a week of prep time. I think "Beat the Dark" is going to have to go on the Cyclova Calendar as an official activity and a date to circle on your calendar.

The origins of this ride go back to around 95 when Frank Lundeen and Terry Baillargeon got the crazy idea to ride from Osceola to Danbury and back which would make the total distance about 120 miles. To me, that's the equivalent of doing a 50k instead of a marathon. I've never once finished a marathon and thought to myself, "gee...I really should have run 5 more miles" and I've never finished a century bike ride and thought I needed another 20.

The toughness of this event all come down to the day. If it is warm, dry and sunny, it's a blast: a rolling party with forty of your best friends. If it's cold, rainy and dark, this ride is a death march. In 1995 on the first run, it was a death march and they came to refer to the event as "The Death Ride." We changed the name this year, I like "Beat the Dark" better.

A lot of our guys were out doing the Icebox 480 on Saturday, but that didn't stop Steve Clark. He ran 47 miles on Saturday and then came for 85 of "Beat the Dark." That's a good training weekend by anyone's standards!

I did the majority of the ride with Dan Woll, author of North of Highway 8. If you have a chance, pick up a copy of Dan's book and leave a review on Amazon. It's a great read for anyone who enjoys silent sports. The sequel, 'Further,' is about to be released, and we'll have a party at Cyclova with Dan to announce it when the book's available.

I was really happy to be able to come and hang with everyone on Sunday. I've been feeling a little anti-social because...well, I'm just having so much fun with my kids lately so I'm not leaving the home as much! But it's great to take a day and catch up with all the cycling friends! Great to see everyone and looking forward to the next adventure! I'm already looking forward to 'Beat the Dark' 2017!