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2016 Solstice Chase Race Course Update - 11/30/2016

The 2016 Solstice Chase will feature the Dalles House Bar/Lounge as the start/finish venue, and will ride the famed Woolly Bike Club's Groomed Singletrack!
We are 2.5 short weeks away from the 2016 Solstice Chase - and we're getting stoked!  Stoked to hang out with hundreds of our closest fat biking friends, stoked to race on some of the sweetest Groomed Singletrack on the continent (thanks Woolly Bike Club), stoked to have a sweet new start/finish venue (thanks Dallas House Bar and Lounge), all while hoping for a sweet white blanket of snow here in Solstice Chase country! 

As Fat Bikers are always at the mercy of Mother Nature, below I'll review certain things that I can guarantee about this year's race course - and other things that will remain up in the air until 48 hours prior to the event start (as we all must wait to see what Mother Nature does for race day)...

First, I'll highlight what we can guarantee of the 2016 Solstice Chase event course:
Fact:  The race will start and finish at the Dalles House Bar and Lounge - at the intersection of Hwy's 8 and 35 in St. Croix Falls, WI.
Fact:  Racers will enjoy some of the sweetest Groomed Singletrack on the planet - thanks to the trail ferries of the Woolly Bike Club!
Fact:  Each race will be begin with a .9 mile gradual climb to stretch each field out prior to hitting singletrack.
Fact:  There will be very frequent opportunities to pass other riders throughout the entire course.

Next, I'll acknowledge certain things that won't be determined until the day prior to the Solstice Chase:
TBD:  The amount of snow on the ground will affect the race course.  If there is little or no snow, each lap will be longer than indicated on the above map (thus the title saying "tentative").  Specifically, if there is little or no snow, there will be both more singletrack and more time on rails to trail type trails.  
TBD:  The actual race distances, and number of laps for both the long and short races will be announced in the 48 hours leading up to the race.
TBD:  In the 48 hours leading up to the race, we will publish extremely detailed course updates - including photos, tips, and tire/air pressure recommendations.

Prepare to shred some sweet Woolly Bike Club Groomed Singletrack at the 2016 Solstice Chase!  Photo Credit:  45NRTH

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