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Beat the Dark 2016 Recap

In what was sure to be (for me) the final century of 2016, things couldn't have gone any better! About 40 people showed up to this event that we threw together with about a week of prep time. I think "Beat the Dark" is going to have to go on the Cyclova Calendar as an official activity and a date to circle on your calendar.

The origins of this ride go back to around 95 when Frank Lundeen and Terry Baillargeon got the crazy idea to ride from Osceola to Danbury and back which would make the total distance about 120 miles. To me, that's the equivalent of doing a 50k instead of a marathon. I've never once finished a marathon and thought to myself, "gee...I really should have run 5 more miles" and I've never finished a century bike ride and thought I needed another 20.

The toughness of this event all come down to the day. If it is warm, dry and sunny, it's a blast: a rolling party with forty of your best friends. If it's cold, rainy and dark, this ride is a death march. In 1995 on the first run, it was a death march and they came to refer to the event as "The Death Ride." We changed the name this year, I like "Beat the Dark" better.

A lot of our guys were out doing the Icebox 480 on Saturday, but that didn't stop Steve Clark. He ran 47 miles on Saturday and then came for 85 of "Beat the Dark." That's a good training weekend by anyone's standards!

I did the majority of the ride with Dan Woll, author of North of Highway 8. If you have a chance, pick up a copy of Dan's book and leave a review on Amazon. It's a great read for anyone who enjoys silent sports. The sequel, 'Further,' is about to be released, and we'll have a party at Cyclova with Dan to announce it when the book's available.

I was really happy to be able to come and hang with everyone on Sunday. I've been feeling a little anti-social because...well, I'm just having so much fun with my kids lately so I'm not leaving the home as much! But it's great to take a day and catch up with all the cycling friends! Great to see everyone and looking forward to the next adventure! I'm already looking forward to 'Beat the Dark' 2017!

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