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BRF Hosts Fat Bike Ride on Stower 7 This Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Hey Folks,
William Johnson forwarded this to me and I thought I'd pass it on. Meet some more fun local cyclists, and if you need to buy a Fat Bike, come by CyclovaXC!


If you do not have a FAT Bike yet, you have a short amount of time to pick one up so you can join us in proper style! Global Fat Bike Day is Saturday December 3rd and in BRF style we plan to celebrate. Now in the interest of Peace, Love, & Fairness since there is not a Global Roadie Day or MTB day..... We will welcome any bike you propose to ride on the Stower Seven Lakes Trail which is a cinder / light gravel packed surface.   This will be no drop, the intent here is a leisure ride celebrating the joy of fat bikes and chit chatting along the way.  A few of us did this last year and had a blast, so much fun in fact one of our resident vegetarians had a cheeseburger.  

The Trail:
The Stower Seven Lakes Trail is an old rail bed 14 miles end to end running from just west of Nye, WI to Amery, WI. As mentioned the surface is crushed rock and certainly can accommodate any tire in dry conditions. As the trail may be soft in spots we ask you to use your best discretion. And obviously in celebration of Global Fatness, bigger is better. 

The Place: Meet at UW Wanderoos (Bar) in Wanderoos, WI just off WI State Hwy 65 north of Star Prairie. Wanderoos is essentially the middle of the trail, has ample parking, is a great gathering place post ride for a celebratory beverage etc.

The Time:
We aim to depart UW Wanderoos at 12 Noon Saturday December, 3rd.

The Ride:
Leisure, chatty, & NO DROP. Spread the word, invite your friends, we'll take anyone even if they show up on a CX bike with white bar tape.   Did I mention no drop? By no means do we need to ride 6mph side by side lines, but keeping the group largely together will keep it fun for all.  Pre-ride if you need to burn off some crazy. First one back buys a round of beverages.

The Route:
So we are starting in the middle. While a little unorthodox, it works given parking and post ride opportunity for fun. We will hit the trail at Wanderoos and head towards Nye and on past at the end at 90th St. Heading back those who wish can cut short and stop at Wanderoos for 14 miles of fun. Otherwise continue on to Amery and back adding 14 more miles. 

Please let me know if you can make it so we know to expect you before we depart. Here's the Facebook Group.

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