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Cyclova Adventure & Tech: Dan Woll Presents 'Further,' Thur. Dec 8!

Hey Folks!

CyclovaXC is pleased to announce that Thursday Adventure and Tech night is BACK! We're putting together the complete schedule which will be posted shortly. For now circle your calendar for Thursday, December 8th at 6PM because Dan Woll, author of North of Highway 8, is coming to discuss his new novel Further.

Many of you already know Dan as a regular contributor to Silent Sports (he supplied a cover image not too long ago). He's also done the occasional post for the CyclovaXC blog. This year, when Greg broke his collarbone at the Mammoth Gravel Classic, Dan Woll stuck around to defend him from a pack of ravenous wolves, fending them off with nothing but a tire iron and a six pack of Hamm's. Then Dan offered Greg the shirt off his back and carried him into urgent care to demand the best care Western medicine can provide. (All of that is mostly true, except that Greg is so darn tough nobody could carry him, and he wouldn't get off his bike, and really I just drank the Hamm's...and there were no wolves, but it's still a good story, and other than those small exaggerations it's all true).

Dan also completed the "Beat the Dark" ride with the Cyclova crew a few weeks ago, so chances are you know who he is. He's a great storyteller and we know you'll be excited to hear about his new book.

In addition to Dan, there will be a spectacular adventure tech presentation, beverages, and overall just an awesome time. All for the bargain price of FREE! Again, here are the details:

Thursday, December 8th at 6 PM
Dan Woll, celebrated local author + Adventure Tech Presentation

Check out Dan's new book on Amazon here. Here is the back cover copy, see you on December 8th (there's a darn good endorsement from Walter Rhein down at the bottom, so read the whole thing)!

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