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Join us this Saturday for Global Fat Bike Day!

Hey Fat Bike Enthusiasts,  the Woolly Bike Club has figured out a great way to celebrate Global Fat Bike Day this Saturday without undermining the Woolly singletrack trails in St. Croix Falls! And it might be just as exciting!  Due to the warm weather, the planned Global Fat Bike Day group ride has changed locations. Now we will be EXPLORING the Sand Barrens north of St. Croix Falls!
There are some great trails out there and with the amazing environmentally-forgiving sand surface it won't matter one iota if it's frozen or not!  Either way on a Fat Bike it equals FUN!


OVERVIEW:  This ride will be around 20 miles, and should take between 2 and 3 hours. The Woolly Bike Club is promoting this as both an unsupported and no-drop ride, with a casual pace, meaning there will be as many rest breaks as necessary. The course can be easily short-cut, or modified to keep within the 2-3 hour timeframe.

WHERE:  Meet at the Wolf Creek Bar in Wolf Creek WI at 9:00am.  The ride will get rolling as soon as everyone is ready but 9:15 at the latest. 

THE ROUTE: From the Bar, we'll explore snowmobile and horse trails over to the Trade River, then north along the Trade River to the Sterling Forest ATV area, then ride fire lanes and gravel roads to a rest spot at an old Ferry landing on the St. Croix River, then ride fire lanes and gravel back to Wolf Creek Bar where hot food and ice cold beverages await!

THE FINE PRINT: There aren't any facilities once we leave Wolf Creek, so be sure bring enough water, snacks, and everything else you might need to get yourself out of a pickle!

Hope to see you Saturday at 9!

Howlin' Wolf Creek Bar
2387 River Rd, Saint Croix Falls, WI 54024-7840


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