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Adventure & Tech Social #2: Author/Biathlete Andy Liebner of US Ski Pole Company to speak on Dec. 22!

I'm very excited to announce Andy Liebner author of Wild Shot and owner of US Ski Pole Company has agreed to come and give a talk at Cyclova as part of our Adventure Tech & Social series on December 22nd. Andy is a former top level biathlete, and he will be discussing his novel Wild Shot which deals with his experiences as a professional skiier. This is an inspiring book that will be of interest to anyone who enjoys the sport of XC skiing or biathlon.

Andy is also the owner of US Ski Pole Company, the only ski pole manufacturer entirely based in the US. I've skiied on these poles for the last 2 Birkies, and they are the lightest, and stiffest poles I've ever tried. If you have questions about ski pole fabrication, this will be an event you don't want to miss.

CLICK HERE for the full Cyclova Adventure & Tech Social Series schedule.

Please share the Facebook event, and look forward to a wonderful evening! See you there!

About Wild Shot:

Struggles and successes in biathlon and cross country skiing

"Andy Liebner is a fast young Alaskan who went from top junior and collegiate XC ski racing results to signing up for the military the day after 9-11 to then racing around the world to see how far he could go in XC skiing and biathlon. He had many surprising adventures along the way and learned what it means to go it alone (with help from friends). Breakthroughs and frustrations alike abound in his story. The barriers were ENDLESS and only got BIGGER, yet Andy persevered. The finale is fascinating with major twists." -- Jeff Potter

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