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!Race Course, Grooming, and Safety Update - Solstice Chase 2016!

The 2016 Solstice Chase will start at (and finish just above) the Dalles House Bar & Lounge! 

Happy "Solstice Chase Eve"!  I wanted to reach out to our racer & race fans with an update on the weather forecast, our plan for course preparation, and what we expect our race course to be like on Saturday.  Note that all of these pictures were taken on Wednesday...

Give Thanks... To the Woolly Bike Club:   For starters, this year's Solstice Chase wouldn't be possible, were it not for 8 + years of diligent hard work by the Woolly Bike Club's dedicated volunteers - please give them a high five, come up frequently to enjoy our world class groomed singletrack, and consider making the Woolly Bike Club your IMBA Chapter of choice or make a tax deductible donation to the Woolly Bike Club.

The entire Solstice Chase race course is in pristine, firm, corduroy condition currently - and our Solstice Chase & Woolly crew are committed to keeping it that way!  This picture is of the "Interlink Trail", which connects our race venue (Dalles House Bar & Lounge) with the Woolly Bike Club's Groomed Singletrack!
A narrative...  of our race course:  The first .9 mile is on our "Interlink Trail", which is 8 feet wide and groomed to perfection.  This trail meanders through town (including a sweet tunnel that goes under US Hwy 8) and is a gradual climb the entire way.  This trail leads to a trail that is 6 feet wide for another .6 mile, which leads to the Woolly Bike Club's Groomed Singletrack.  Our intention is that this 1.5 mile of wide trail (with a long gradual climb) will help to spread and sort the race field out considerably, prior to reaching the groomed singletrack - greatly reducing congestion on the singletrack.  Once on the singletrack, you'll primarily enjoy Woolly's sweet flowy lines of groomed singletrack - with occasional stints of wider trail sections mixed in for passing.  Eventually, you'll pop out at the Woolly Trailhead (at the bottom of "big oak") - this is the critical lap point.  If you're doing the long race, you'll be turning right and headed out for another lap - if you're doing the short race, you'll turn left and head in to the finish.  When you turn left toward the finish (first lap if you're doing the short race, second lap if you're doing the long race), you'll enjoy a fast & fun .9 mile ride back down toward the finish line!
The Interlink trail leads to this meadow trail, which leads to the sweet Woolly Groomed Singletrack!
Grooming Update - through Thursday night:  For the past week, we've been out every day working on packing the 5" of fluffy snow that we do have on the ground, to a rock solid base - a base that will hold up to 350 fat bike racers!  

Forecast, SNOW, and COLD TEMPS:  If you wanted warm weather and perfect firm conditions - you wouldn't be doing a fat bike race!  ;-)  Mother Nature likes to keep us on our toes, and this year's Solstice Chase is no exception!  The National Weather Service Forecast is calling for 5"-10" of fresh snow on race day (avoid a sketchy Saturday morning drive and take advantage of the sweet lodging deals here in town) and a Friday overnight low of 4 degrees, with slowly falling temps throughout race day.  A 15 mph wind is also expected.

Safety:  We guarantee the Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race will happen on Saturday!  With that said, safety (of both our racers & volunteers) is always the #1 priority of every event director.  With that said, we do reserve the right to change or shorten the race course in the event of dangerous temperatures and wind chills. 
The highlight of the race course will be the sweet flowy Groomed Singletrack - prepared by the Woolly Bike Club!
Remember to bring an extra set of clothes and your dancing shoes for after the race - we have a fantastic afternoon & evening planned - full of podium awards ceremonies, swag giveaways, and the Solstice Chase After Party starting at 4PM!

Following is the schedule for the day:
All Day Outside Food Vending:  Food & Beverage Service will be available outside.  Outside menu will include a variety of hot drinks (including adult hot drinks), pastries, breakfast sandwich, etc.  From 11 to closing there will be a Solstice Burger, Chips, and Fat Tire beer special for $10.   (cash only outside, cards accepted inside).  The full Dalles House menu will be available all day inside also!
8AM:  Solstice Chase Race Registration pickup starts inside the Dalles House Bar & lounge.
10AM:  Solstice Chase long race starts at the Dalles House
10:15AM:  Solstice Chase short race starts at the Dalles House
Afternoon:  Full Dalles House Menu available inside at the bar or Supper Club (you need to try a pop-over with butter flavor of the day)!
2:30PM:  Awards for both race distances overall - including $1000 cash for the long race! 
3PM:  More sweet fat biking swag will be given away than you can shake a stick at - must be present to win! 
4PM:  Stay for our Solstice Chase After Party and the nationally known Kurt Jorgenson 6 piece band rocking their "Americana Soul" style tunes at the Dalles House Bar and Lounge!  Stay late and crash at one of the great hotels with special Solstice Chase rates!  
See you at the Solstice Chase!

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