Sasquatch Dash Trail Run Series 2016

Hey Folks!
Ben M. and I have been going over the race calendar for the year and we think we have some dates that will work for this year's 6 race series.  As always, all you have to do is show up and run! Those of you who want T-Shirts get the 10 point pre-order bonus. Send your name and size to: and you can pay for your shirt at the first event! Pre-order price is only $10 this year, after that it's $15.

By the way, here's the event calendar we were working off of. If we totally forgot some massive event, please let us know! Also, those are the events most Cyclova people will be attending in the upcoming months, so do as many as you can!

Here's the lowdown:

What is the Sasquatch Dash?

The Sasquatch Dash is a FREE, no-frills trail running series to show off some of the awesome terrain of the St. Croix Valley as well as provide an economical way to get some high intensity workouts. Everyone is welcome, but these are casual events on non-closed courses—so it's up to you to be on your best behavior. There will be 6 unsupported (this is why it's free) events ranging in length from 5 miles to 25km. All participants will be required to sign a waiver. Our race series is named after Sasquatch, don't expect to be coddled out there—if you want something to drink you better carry a water bottle; if you want to know your time you better be wearing a watch; if you want to know where you're going—you better keep up with the guy/gal in the lead (presuming s/he knows).

Series Rules:

Points are earned based on overall placing at each run for men and women. 1st-20, 2nd-15, 3rd-12, 4th-10, 5th-9,...13th and beyond-1. Points will be doubled for the 25k series finale.

2016 shirt will be a different color
The finish line will be a clipboard with a pen tied to it. Participants will be required to fill in their name on the sheet in their finishing order.

Your series score is the sum of your best 4 scores from the run series plus bonus points.

You can also earn 10 bonus points by pre-ordering our series T-shirt or 5 points by buying it after the pre-order period. To pre-order, simply send your name and size to by 4/10/16. Pre-order price is $10, after that it's $15.

Additionally you can earn 5 bonus points for participation in any of the following local events:

Event Details:

Start time is 9:00 AM

Course marking will be cue sheets and GPX files you can upload to your GPS device. Keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts about the specific races, or follow us on Facebook.

Individual Event Details (future race locations will be announced with the results of the previous race):

Run 1:
Date: 4/30
Location: Wert Preserve
Meet at: CyclovaXC 8:30am (race starts at 9:00am from the Overlook)
Distance: ~4.9 miles
We will use the same course we have started the series with each year running from the Overlook up to Wert and back.
Course Description and Map

Run 3:
Date: 5/21
Location: TBA

Run 3:
Date: 6/11
City of Trails 5k or 10k
This is a paid event (but only $20!!) and it's really well run. Like last year we are going to offer bonus points for this one. 15 points for finishing the half, 10 points for finishing the 10k, and 5 points for finishing the 5k.  Just let Ben ( know so we can check your results and tally your points.

Run 4:
Date: 7/2
Details and course: TBA

Run 5:
Date: 8/6
Location: TBA
Handicapped start?  That was a lot of fun last year.  We are penciling it in again this year.  Be sure to make it out to at least one race before this one to be seeded.

Run 6:
Date: 9/3
Distance: This has historically been the legendary 25k at BRC, however the property is in flux so we can't guarantee a race out there this year. But if not at BRC, we'll have a race somewhere and it will be awesome/epic/tremendous.

Making Sasquatch noises or dressing up like Sasquatch is encouraged. Keep your eyes peeled for more information (and for Sasquatch...he's out there)!

2013 Sasquatch Series Summary:

2014 Sasquatch Series Summary:


Cyclova XC will be closed this Sunday - for the Easter holiday.  Ensuring a quality of life & proper life/work balance for our staff is important - to ensure our expert staff is ready to serve our valued clients!

While the Cyclova staff is enjoying Sunday with our families - we hope that you are doing the same with yours - and perhaps enjoying a nice bike ride!

Happy Easter - from the crew at Cyclova!

Adventure & Tech Event Rescheduled to April 21 - !Lake Superior Adventures & Bike Maintenance Basics!

Frank and riding companion David rode around Lake Superior - 1200 miles in 11 days of riding in 2003.  Hear the tale at the final Cyclova Adventure & Tech Social Event - on Thursday, 21 April, 2016!
One of our planned presenters had a change in plans, so we've rescheduled our final Adventure & Tech Social Event of the season to Thursday, April 21 at 6PM.  You won't want to miss it!  

Cyclova's Adventure & Tech Social Series is a fun way to get to know fellow outdoor enthusiasts, hear of (and see photos & videos of epic adventures), and learn the tech side of cool new gear.  Snacks and beverages are always served - free of charge.

Where:  Cyclova XC in downtown, St. Croix Falls, WI
When:  Thursday, 21 April, 2016

Following is the program:

Adventure:  This is a Great Lakes focused double header on the adventure side of things!
First, Amy Middleton (local business owner and silent sports enthusiast) will share tales of her epic 1000 mile kayak journey on Lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan, followed by Frank Lundeen presenting his 1200 mile bike packing trip around Lake Superior - in 11 days of riding. 

Tech:  Due to popular demand, Frank Lundeen will present "bike maintenance basics".  This presentation will focus on tire inflation, drivetrain care, fixing a flat tire out on a ride, and other basic bicycle repairs.  Don't miss this chance to learn to care for your bicycle & learn to be self sufficient while out cycling! 

For the full scoop & schedule on the entire 2015-2016 Cyclova Adventure & Tech Social Series, CLICK HERE.  


The 2016 Mammoth Gravel Classic is rapidly approaching (Saturday, April 16, 2016), and both locals and folks traveling from far and wide have been out exploring the routes.  I'm very pleased to report that the gravel and sand road surfaces are in fantastic condition - with the frost out in most areas.  

Stay tuned to for regular course updates.  Also follow the Mammoth Gravel Classic Facebook Page and sign up on the Mammoth Gravel Classic email list for up to the minute updates.  For very detailed mile by mile chronicles of each Mammoth Gravel Classic route, including tire recommendations, que sheets, gpx files, etc - check out the COURSES page.  

A special thanks to Woolly Bike Club Board Member & Cyclova XC team rider Dallas Wynne for sharing these great photos of the route - and the below commentary on his adventure yesterday!  Enjoy - and see you all on April 16!

Four weeks from today Mammoth Gravel Classic riders will be heading deep into the untamed sections of the of Northwestern Wisconsin affectionately know as the Sand Barrens.  With the snow all but gone, and the frost out of the roads, the timing seemed right for some early coarse reconnaissance.  

Departing North from the overlook in St. Croix Falls I began following River road as it twists and turns along the banks of the beautiful St. Croix River to the town of Wolf Creek. This prologue serves as a great way to wake up the legs before leaving civilization.  As I made my first left turn onto the gravel at 247st I was pleased to find the gravel was firm and mostly dry even after seeing several inches of rain this week.  Low spots in the road that were holding water soft while most of the surface was in good shape. I made my way West on Evergreen then turned North onto 300 street for my first sand section.  The sand was soft but rideable and still packed well form the rain. Again some standing water in low area but much better than expected.  Farther North on County Fire Lane before reaching County O which is the major East West cross road at the bottom of the Fish Lake Wildlife area, and the end of the Sand. I normally ride use 700 X 40mm Kenda Happy Medium for this route but today I was experimenting with a 29 X 2.0 and was glad to have the extra width. Either would be a good choice depending weather conditions the week of the event.  One thing is for sure riders that choose a narrow 32 or 35mm tire will suffer.

From County O, I exited the course to explore the many trails and roads in in the Governor Knowles State forest. In this area you truly feel as if you are at the edge of civilization and adventure feels that it could be just around the corner.

Price Hike: Grantsburg Adventure Triathlon

Hey Folks,
Don't forget to sign up for the Grantsburg Adventure Triathlon! The price goes up $15 on Monday. This is another great local event and we had a large participation of CyclovaXC athletes last year.

Also, swing by CyclovaXC and grab a copy of the "Trail Time" mailer which contains a discount code for this event.

To register click here!

To check out the event web page, click here!

The Grantsburg Adventure Triathlon is on May 14th. Also, don't forget to sign up for the Mammoth Gravel Classic--the area's largest FREE gravel ride is great training for the Grantsburg Tri! There are 30, 70 and 100 mile loops to choose from! See you on the trails!

2016 Cross-Country Skiing Junior Nationals

Andy Liebner of US Ski Pole Company sent me some awesome pics of the 2016 USSA Cross-Country Skiing Junior Nationals. As you can see from the above picture, it was a warm day with limited snow. In fact, the snow shortage became so severe that events had to be postponed for a day to allow for shoveling and course work. Andy pitched in along with all the other skiing enthusiasts to help restructure the trails.
The overall impression was that the event organizers did a tremendous job managing to pull off a successful event without the cooperation of Mother Nature. There was, of course, rain and temperatures in the 30s and 40s. What usually happens in situations like these is the second the last skier has finished the last race, the snowflakes start to fall and you drive back to the airport through a blizzard. It's enough to make organizers pull their hair out.

The day of shoveling saved the event and the snow held up for the final races (it's always fun to race in short sleeve shirts).
Andy's big takeaway was that it was great to be at Telemark, the site of so much US cross-country skiing history. Sure, it's sad to see the building run down and deteriorating, but that doesn't change the fact that Telemark has been the venue of many great races. Telemark made its presence felt, and it was nice to have the Junior Nationals there.
Telemark represents American racing and it's neat to see a US ski pole brand set up a tent at that venue. Congratulations to all that participated! If you want to learn more about the USSA Cross-Country Skiing Junior Nationals, click here.

YOU'RE INVITED: Adventure & Tech Social Event #9 - St. Croix River Valley Adventures/Photography & Bicycle Training With Power - 3/10/2016

Ryan Rodgers & John Schletty kick off our evening this Thursday with their account (and amazing photography) of their epic St. Croix River Adventure - skiing from Taylors Falls to Hwy 70 on the MN side of the river - and hiking back on the WI side of the river.  These guys know this river valley better than perhaps anyone!  Photo Credit:  Ryan Rodgers / John Schletty

YOU'RE INVITED:   Thursday, 10 March, 2016 at 6PM is the 9th installment of Cyclova's 2015-2016 Adventure & Tech Social Series - and you don't want to miss it!  This week's event focuses on St. Croix River Valley adventures and tips on training for the best bicycle fitness of your life!  Refreshments & snacks will be served free of charge!

6 p.m. on Thursday, March 10, 2016 - Scenic Saint Croix and Bike Training with Power: Adventure: Ryan Rodgers & John Schletty kick off our evening this Thursday with their account (and amazing photography) of their epic St. Croix River Adventure - skiing from Taylors Falls to Hwy 70 on the MN side of the river - and hiking back on the WI side of the river.  These guys know this river valley better than perhaps anyone!  Both of these gentlemen are well known, nature photographers & enthusiasts - and will present slides from the above mentioned epic trips - as well as their paddling and hiking adventures along the Saint Croix National Riverway. Come experience the wonders of the Northwoods flora, fauna, and landscapes through their photography.
Tech:  Our Tech Presention will be led by Jim Kelley, a local Ironman and Birkie veteran. Jim will present "What's a Watt? - Bike Training with Power". Topics will include: a comparison of training by heart rate versus power; the basic metrics used in training with power; a review of the various power meters found in the marketplace; applications to road, gravel and mountain biking; and a question and answer session. Jim has 40 years of endurance sports experience, is a USAT Level 1 Certified Coach, and is Owner and Head Coach of PR-Endurance.

Our featured tech presenter, Jim Kelley, finishes the 2014 Mont-Tremblant Ironman.
Ryan Rodgers & John Schletty kick off our evening this Thursday with their account (and amazing photography) of their epic St. Croix River Adventure - skiing from Taylors Falls to Hwy 70 on the MN side of the river - and hiking back on the WI side of the river.  These guys know this river valley better than perhaps anyone!  Photo Credit:  Ryan Rodgers / John Schletty

2016 Book Across the Bay Write-up

Hey All,
Dan Campion's sun Eli sent me this wonderful write-up of his experience at that event with his dad. Pure gold! This is why we do this! Thanks Dan & Eli!

Book Across the Bay
Ashland, WI
Eli Campion

For the second year, I skied the Book Across the Bay race with my Dad.  The Book Across the Bay is a 10 kilometer ski or snowshoe race across Lake Superior from Ashland to Washburn.  The race starts at sunset and takes a lot of effort.  Above is an ice luminary with a candle inside, which marks the race course.

We left our house Saturday morning and it took two hours to drive to Washburn for packet pickup.   Above is a photo of me in line getting the packet.  I also got this cool shirt.

After packet pickup, we drove to Ashland and checked into our hotel room, where we hung out for a couple hours until the race started.

We rode from the finish line in Washburn to the starting line in Ashland on the bus.  Here we are on the bus ride.  I found out that my hat didn’t fit anymore, so I had to use my Dad’s Birkie hat.

I got a brownie with frosting for $2 at the starting line tent for some extra energy for the race.  It was delicious.  

We did a little warm-up ski and then we hung out by the big bonfire until the race started.  We saw a guy flying a drone and videotaping above the starting line. 

This is a picture of the starting line.  I was the third person in line in our wave.

This is a picture from one of the aid stations.

This aid station was at 6K and had a Margaritaville theme, complete with palm trees, twinkle lights and apple cider.

Here we are at the finish line.  I was super tired at the finish.

We dreamed about Pepsi, chili and soaking our muscles in the hotel hot tub all the way across the lake.  At the finish tent, we got the last of the chili and a hot dog, but there was no pop left.  Then we went back to the hotel and the hot-tub was lukewarm.  We had a really fun trip and I want to keep doing the race as long as I can.
Eli Campion
Age 8 – Danbury, WI